Xamarin Newsletter for March 2016 (영문)
2016/03/04 (09:32)
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A Xamarin and Microsoft 
Future, 58 Days until Xamarin Evolve 2016, and more!

A Xamarin and Microsoft Future

Microsoft has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Xamarin and we are thrilled to join the team at Microsoft when the transaction closes after regulatory approval. This is a new beginning for Xamarin—the company and its products—and is an opportunity to help many, many more developers build great apps. Learn more »

58 Days Until Xamarin 
Evolve 2016

Xamarin Evolve is the place to learn about the future of apps and what the joint Xamarin and Microsoft roadmap has in store for you. We recently announced more great additions to the conference lineup, including Steve Wozniak and an attendees-only party at Universal Studios’ The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Hogsmeade and Jurassic Park®. If you’re an enterprise developer, check out our Evolve for the Enterprise Developer guide. Register »

Xamarin vs Hybrid HTML Webinar Recording

Xamarin Partner Magenic built a functionally identical sample app utilizing Xamarin and hybrid HTML to understand the differences in user experience, performance, developer experience, and TCO. In this webinar recording, Kevin Ford from Magenic joins Xamarin Product Marketing Senior Director Steven Yi to present a thorough comparison of cross-platform native vs. hybrid HTML approaches to mobile development for the enterprise. View the recording »

Get Started with our Prebuilt Consumer App, Sport

Sport is a leaderboard tracking app built with Xamarin.Forms and Microsoft Azure that showcases beautiful, animated modern design. Athletes can join leagues, get ranked, and challenge other athletes to move up the ladder. Sport is completely open-source, so you can create your own office league today! Get started »


Microsoft Cloud Roadshow with Xamarin: Learn how Visual Studio 2015 and Xamarin turn any .NET developer into a mobile developer. Nish Anil, Xamarin Developer Evangelist, will show you how you can use the tools and technology you know and love to build fully native iOS, Android, and Windows apps in less time. Mar 11, Hong Kong »

North Florida Xamarin Hackathon: A full day of Xamarin hacking to provide you with a better understanding of how to build, test, and monitor native iOS, Android, and Windows apps with Xamarin. Mar 12, Jacksonville, FL »

Microsoft TechDays Camp France: Learn from experts from GitHub, Docker, Xamarin, F5 Networks, and Microsoft. Use code TDFR02 to register. Mar 16, Paris, France »

Xpand IT Xamarin Experience Seminar: Explore trends in the Xamarin ecosystem to maximize your mobile apps’ performance. Mar 18, Lisbon, Portugal »



Easy App Theming with Xamarin.Forms: Pierce Boggan shows you how to add themes to your Xamarin.Forms app and let the user dynamically theme it with styles.

Parallax UITableView Headers: Mike James demonstrates how you can add the parallax effect to your apps using iOS Storyboard and Auto Layout.

Getting Started with Azure Mobile Apps' Easy Tables: James Montemagno guides you through adding a backend capable of data storage, authentication, and push notifications to your mobile app.

ViewModel-First Navigation: Xamarin MVP Matthew Soucoup shows how you can use view models to drive the navigation of your Xamarin.Forms apps.

Building Your First Game with MonoGame: Build your first game in C# with MonoGame, a cross-platform gaming framework that runs on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and more.


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