DHTMLX: Suite 4.5, Scheduler with Ruby on Rails and Suite Roadmap (영문)
2015/11/04 (10:00)
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Hello QTI International,

We'd love to share our latest news that you might have missed. October was a very important month for us - we updated dhtmlxSuite to the version 4.5, shared it's roadmap (with voting ability!) and presented several tutorials. 

Suite 4.5 rolled out with lot of updates


dhtmlxSuite 4.5 came out with many helpful and important updates:

  • dhtmlxList control - a JavaScript UI control for displaying items in a list view;
  • Sidebar Drawer - a very convenient three-line menu feature that is widely used in the majority of mobile/tablet apps;
  • Images in dhtmlxForm - you may insert images in the form – a new item type is added for this purpose;
  • Moreover, you now have the opportunity to learn and test our new demo application, that will serve you as a good example for getting know how to develop responsive web applications with DHTMLX.
Learn everything about the update

Suite Roadmap: Our plans with your direct participation


We are happy to share dhtmlxSuite roadmap! Be aware of our plans, vote for the features and other changes that you want to see first, send us your suggestions. In Trello board you may vote for the demos, tutorials that you’d like to see in our library. If we see that some of the plans/wishes collect many votes, we’ll try to implement it in near release. The most demanded features surely will appear in dhtmlxSuite.

Read about Suite 5.0
Vote for new features

Using Scheduler with Ruby on Rails is much easier now

Scheduler with RoR  

In this tutorial we’d like to show you how to use dhtmlxScheduler with Ruby on Rails. The tutorial consists of two parts: firstly, we’ll create a simple scheduler with data saving and loading, the second part is adding recurring events to it.

Read Part I
Read Part II

Best regards,

Inga Kravtsova

DHTMLX Product manager

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