Your Xamarin Newsletter for September 2015 (영문)
2015/09/25 (10:08)
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Save the Date for 
Xamarin Evolve 2016, Get Started with iOS 9, and more!

Save the Date for Xamarin Evolve 2016!

Xamarin Evolve is back in 2016! We’d love to have you join us in Orlando, Florida next April for for the largest cross-platform mobile development event in the world. Sign up now and you’ll be the first to know when tickets go on sale. Get notified »

Xamarin's Same-Day Support for iOS 9

iOS 9 is here, with exciting new features including the 3D Touch API, Multitasking for iPad, App Search, and more. You’ve already got access to these great new APIs with Xamarin, so why not update your apps today? Get started with iOS 9 »

Xamarin Test Cloud the Sole Mobile Testing Solution with Day 0 Support for iOS 9

Xamarin Test Cloud had iOS 9 beta support for more than a month prior to its release, with customers able to run tests on iOS 9 beta devices for the entire period. On top of this, the team delivered support for iOS 9 on the day of its public release. If you haven’t been taking advantage of your free Xamarin Test Cloud minutes for Xamarin Platform customers, why not get started now? Learn more »

Five Myths About Automated Mobile UI Testing

Xamarin’s VP of Product Management, Keith Ballinger, outlines five of the most common reasons mobile teams have not yet automated mobile app quality, and five reasons why they just don’t make sense. Read the full article »

Register for the Get Started with iOS 9 Webinar

Join us for a webinar on Thursday, October 1, 2015 at 8:30am PT / 11:30am ET providing an overview of the top new and updated APIs in iOS 9, including Multitasking, Search, and more. This technical webinar will include code demos and Q&A. Sign up now »

Sign Up for Our Webinar on Navigating iOS 9 and Android M For the Enterprise

Get an in-depth analysis, comparison, and guidance on the new features of iOS 9 and Android M, including the latest market data on how mobile is disrupting business models and overtaking traditional computing. Register now »

MixRadio Looks to Go Platinum with Xamarin Platform, Test Cloud, and Insights

MixRadio, the number one music app in Indonesia, is a free, mobile-first personal music streaming service. When MixRadio decided to expand to iOS and Android, they turned to Xamarin to make their cross-platform goals a reality. Read the case study »

the Xamarin Team - We're Hiring!

We’re looking for people who want to help us shape the future of mobile to join the Xamarin team around the world, including Boston, San Francisco, London, and Singapore. We’re looking for a wide variety of mobile-minded individuals, with open positions from Mobile Architect to Systems Engineer and Corporate Account Executive to Senior Product Manager for the Xamarin Platform, plus many more. View all available positions »


Infinite Square Conference: Hear from the CEGI company about the multi-platform apps they’re developing from a single codebase with Xamarin in their talk Why Develop Your Platform Applications with Xamarin. October 2, Paris, France »

Xamarin Dev Days Portland, Vancouver, and DC: Check out Xamarin Dev Days in your area for sessions from Xamarin experts, employees, and fellow community members. October 3, Portland, OR and October 24, Vancouver, BC and Washington, DC »

AWS re:Invent: Join James Montemagno, Tara Walker, and other experts from around the globe for the annual AWS re:Invent Hackathon. October 6, Las Vegas, NV »

GOTO Copenhagen: Don’t miss Mike James’ session on building cross-platform native UIs with Xamarin.Forms. October 5-6, Copenhagen, Denmark »

DevIntersection: Learn how to build cross-platform mobile apps with C#, XAML, and Xamarin.Forms with Xamarin Evangelist James Montemagno. October 26-30,
Las Vegas, NV


Adding Skype-Style Animations with Xamarin.Forms: John Miller demonstrates just how easy it is to bring popular animations to Xamarin.Forms, including this animation Skype.

Backgrounding with Xamarin.Forms: Rob Gibbens shows how easy it is to add backgrounding for iOS and Android to your Xamarin.Forms apps.

One Month of Live Coding: James Montemagno recaps the last month on “Motz Codes Live”, including sessions on app preferences, pull-to-refresh for Xamarin.Forms, and SQLite.

Taming the Android Activity: Adam Kemp shares his best practices for working with the Android Activity in multiscreen apps.

Animating a Grid in Xamarin.Forms: Xamarin Evangelist Krystin Stutesman shows you how how to animate stacklayouts in Xamarin.Forms.

Adding a Custom Bindable Property to Xamarin.Forms: Matthew Soucoup walks you through adding custom bindable properties to Xamarin.Forms views.

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