DevExpress News: Introducing Visual Studio 2015 Support (영문)
2015/07/24 (16:38)
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Visual Studio 2015
Full Visual Studio 2015 Support
Across Our Entire .NET Product Line
Hello Dae Sung
As you know, Microsoft released Visual Studio 2015 earlier this week and shortly thereafter, we published Visual Studio 2015 compatible versions of our products. If you are considering use of this new IDE and want to explore the capabilities we've introduced in our most recent release cycle (v15.1), feel free to download our 30 day trial at your convenience.
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If you're ready to use our newest libraries in your next project, please contact us by phone or email - we'll be more than happy to offer you preferential renewal pricing on any previously purchased DevExpress Subscription.
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CodeRush for Roslyn
CodeRush for Roslyn takes full advantage of the .NET Compiler Platform API to optimize performance and memory usage. With this new version of CodeRush, we no longer need to parse code and store our own code model in memory. By using Visual Studio's API directly, we have dramatically reduced memory consumption, increased performance and freed up developer resources to bring you more functionality.
Learn More about CodeRush for Roslyn
CodeRush for Roslyn Preview
Windows 10 Universal App Controls
Windows 10 Universal App Controls
Ready to build for Windows 10?
Need Universal Windows Platform (UWP) controls optimized for Visual Studio 2015?
Join Julian Bucknall and Paul Usher on August 6, 2015 and see everything we have in store for Microsoft's new UWP platform.
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