DHTMLX News: dhtmlxSuite 4.3, New Tutorials and More (영문)
2015/07/08 (09:35)
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For the last month we have some news and would like to share them with you. And we start with the most important one - dhtmlxSuite update. The version 4.3 came out on June 23 with a number of big updates. And again the list of UI components is extended! Now you're welcome to try our JavaScript carousel component for displaying and sliding any type of content - images, text, charts, grid, etc - 

javascript carousel control

Other major changes in dhtmlxSuite 4.3:

  • dhtmlxSidebar - single_cell mode added
  • dhtmlxSidebar - bubbles added for items
  • dhtmlxSlider - range-mode added

Apart from the new component and new features, there are many small fixes and improvements. Get learn the details


MeteorJS + dhtmlxGantt and dhtmlxScheduler


gantt with meteor


Small tutorial about the integration of dhtmlxGantt, dhtmlxGantt Chart, with MeteorJS Web Framework


calendar with meteor


The similar tutorial about the integration of dhtmlxScheduler, Javascript Event Calendar, with MeteorJS Web Framework



Your actual file system with dhtmlxFileSelector

New mini-component! dhtmlxFileSelector represents JavaScript component with rich select functionality. So you have the ability to open a file select dialog to find and select the needed file.


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