DHTMLX News: Updated Gantt Chart Component and New Tip (영문)
2015/03/31 (13:54)
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Dear DHTMLX Users,

We'd like to share the latest news with you. We've updated our JavaScript Gantt Chart component to the version 3.2, and shared one more little-known dhtmlx feature that was found quite useful by many our users.

dhtmlxGantt 3.2: Even more powerful Gantt chart library now


What's new in 3.2:

  • Tasks Grouping - ability to group tasks in gantt by some property. It will be useful for estimating the project from each aspect.
  • Multi-task selection - it’s easy now to organize the structure of the whole project as you can make some actions on several tasks at once.
  • Improving performance of critical path that increases speed of its loading and work in general.
  • Many new samples that demonstrate the abilities of gantt.
Get learn more about dhtmlxGantt update
Check overview of new gantt samples

Haven't you tried to use dhtmlxGantt yet? Start using it now!


How to load content into tabs on demand and speed up your app


The described ability allows you to decrease the load on your app. The end users of your product may not need all the content to be load at once. Nobody will deny that this feature will make your app faster and more efficient.

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Sincerely Yours,


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