DHTMLX News: Vault 2.4, Scheduler 4.3 and Suite 4.1.3 (영문)
2015/02/23 (09:22)
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The latest news from DHTMLX 

We hope that you started 2015 in a productive and positive way as well as we did. We've already updated three our products - JavaScript UI library - dhtmlxSuite, JavaScript Event Calendar - dhtmlxScheduler, and JavaScript File Uploader - dhtmlxVault.  And we are happy to share the details of these updates.


What's New in dhtmlxScheduler 4.3:

multiple days in scheduler  

Multiple days in Units view

The version 4.3 introduces a long-awaited feature - ability to display multiple days in units view. Now you can display even the whole week (or any number of days) divided into the sections. 

New Timeline mode

You can present data in Timeline view in a new different way - you can display the days instead of sections. It gives you the ability to show entire several days instead of some parts of them.

Other changes

There are also a number of features and other updates, including the improved compatibility with dhtmlxSuite.

Get learn what else is new in Scheduler 4.3

What's New in dhtmlxVault 2.4:

The most significant update in the version 2.4 is the ability to download already uploaded files from Vault. This feature greatly enhances the functionality of the component, so we hope that you like it. 

Other changes:

  • details on the usage of max file size added
  • conf-request changed to GET by default and depends on dhx4.ajax.method
  • readableSize method added
  • params in url fixed for SL mode
Get learn what else is new in Vault 2.4

dhtmlxSuite 4.1.3: Bug fixes

We decided not to wait for the minor update and release the bug fixes for dhtmlxSuite earlier. You may get learn what have been fixed here. The updated version is available by the same link as 4.1, so you need just to re-download the package.


The planned updates of dhtmlxGantt (3.2) and dhtmlxSuite (4.2) are on their way. Most likely you'll know about them in a few weeks. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to get learn about the updates immediately. The links to subscribe are below.

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