DHTMLX News: Gantt 3.0, Suite 4.0.3 and "Little-Known Features" in blog (영문)
2014/09/26 (09:30)
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Great Update! dhtmlxGantt 3.0 with lots of new features

We've released the new version of our JavaScript Gantt chart. This update comes with a large number of new features, significant increase in speed and fix of known bugs. The list of dhtmlxGantt features is complemented by:

  • Support of baselines, deadlines and other custom elements
  • Critical path calculation
  • Ability to mark specific times in the timeline area
  • Ability to resize grid columns and the grid itself from the UI
  • Simple API for managing editability / readonly modes of individual tasks
  • Inline color settings of tasks and links
  • and more
What's new in 3.0
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dhtmlxSuite 4.0.3 - Bug Fixes

In case you missed the release of improved new version of dhtmlxSuite this summer. A number of bugs were found and fixed. The updated version is available by the same link as v4.0 (both Standard and PRO Editions).

What's new in 4.0.3

"DHTMLX Little-Known Features" - new section in our blog

DHTMLX products are very powerful and have a greatly extended functionality. But some of interesting and useful features are "hidden" in documentation and sometimes it's difficult to find them without a hint. We decided to share these tips by creating of a new weekly section in our blog. Meet the 1st tip:

A possibility to show different content in the same cell

You can create any number of views and attach the different content to them. Switching the views, you make one of them visible while others are hidden and can be shown by request.

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