dhtmlxSuite PRO 4.0 Released (영문)
2014/06/09 (13:47)
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We are pleased to announce the availability of dhtmlxSuite PRO 4.0!


DHTMLX 4.0 Released

DHTMLX has been updated to version 4.0. This release introduces redesigned skins, faster performance, the Ribbon component, and other new features and improvements. 

Download dhtmlxSuite PRO 4.0



What's New:

  • Redesigned skins: SkyBlue, Web, Terrace
  • New dhtmlxRibbon component
  • Performance improvements for container componets (Layout, Tabbar, Accordion, Windows)
  • dhtmlxLayout: pattern logic improved, the ability to create custom patterns
  • dhtmlxCombo: the ability to create custom items via HTML templates, linked combo boxes, and more
  • Common way of data loading for all DHTMLX components
  • Lots of fixes and small improvements
  • Updated documentation

See the full what's new list



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