Make your Xamarin app beautiful (영문)
2014/05/14 (17:20)
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Check out some of our favorite app resources.
Check out some of our favorite app resources to help you build fast, native mobile apps!
View Xamarin Components
Visit our Getting Started page to browse key introductory guides to mobile development with Xamarin.Add amazing functionality to your app in just a few minutes with Xamarin Components.
.NET Mobility Scanner
Read customer stories
Use the Xamarin .NET Mobility Scanner to see how compatible your compiled .NET code is across platforms.View our customer stories to learn how over 550,000 developers are already using Xamarin to create amazing apps.
Xamarin University
Enterprise systems
Register for Xamarin University to enjoy unlimited, live mobile development training from mobile experts in your timezone and on your schedule.Find out how Xamarin integrates with Enterprise systems like SAP Mobile Platform and Salesforce to help you extend your reach to over 2.5 billion devices.
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