Webyog Newsletter - March 2014 (영문)
2014/03/20 (14:57)
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What's new in MONyog?

  • Overall performance has been improved. Dashboard, Replication and other pages load 2X faster. MONyog daemon now consumes less system resources thereby making the user experience snappy.
  • New advisors added to provide specific support for MySQL 5.6 and MariaDB 10.
  • EXPLAIN plan for INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statements now available in MONyog’s Processlist page for MySQL 5.6+ servers.
  • Download MONyog MySQL Monitor 5.7

What's new in SQLyog?

  • The Query Profiler results can now be exported as HTML.
  • Copy database, Export as SQL-Dump, Scheduled Backup and Schema Sync now come with an option to ignore/omit DEFINER-clause for database objects.
  • Fractional seconds support for TIME, DATETIME, or TIMESTAMP in CREATE/ALTER TABLE and Import External Data.
  • Restoring multiple connections is now faster. Each connection is restored in a separate thread.
  • Download SQLyog MySQL GUI 11.4

Please don't hesitate to email us about anything. Just hit reply, we'd love to hear from you.

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