Sunset Notice – ChemBioOffice v11.x and earlier versions (영문)
2014/03/11 (10:25)
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Dear Customer,

As per the PerkinElmer Informatics ProductLife Cycle, which is located at:, ChemBioOffice v11.x and earlier versions (the “Product”) have entered the Sunset phase, effective March 10, 2014. Unless otherwise provided, the Sunset phase shall end one (1) year from the effective date immediately above. On March 10, 2015, ChemBioOffice v11.x and and earlier versions will reach End of Life (“EOL”). During the Sunset phase, we will continue to provide support to each Customer with an active Support and Maintenance Plan (“SMP”) for this Product, as further described below.

  • For any Customer with an active SMP whose term ends after the EOL date set forth above, we will provide support through the end date of such Customer’s active SMP contract term.
  • For any Customer with an active SMP whose term ends prior to the EOL date, such Customer may purchase extended support at a premium, for the remainder of the Sunset phase; extended support shall expire no later than the EOL date for this Product.

Except for the support options described herein, once EOL is reached PerkinElmer will no longer provide support for ChemBioOffice v11.x and earlier versions.

Products in the Sunset phase have the following attributes:

  • Support: Critical defects as defined under the PerkinElmer Informatics Global Support policy will be addressed for products / product versions in the Sunset phase. No feature enhancements or regular service releases will be issued for these products / product versions.
  • No more sales: Products or product versions that have entered the Sunset phase of the Product Life Cycle will no longer be sold.
  • End of Life: Products / product versions which have entered the Sunset phase will be marked for End of Life after 1 year at the Sunset phase subject to any exceptions approved through the PerkinElmer Informatics Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

Customers using 11.0 or earlier versions of the Product are strongly encouraged to upgrade to the latest release of the Product. Migration to a newer version may require a Services project. Please note that a Services project will need to be scoped and scheduled, when planning your migration.

In the event you are unable to upgrade to a current version prior to the End of Life of the Product, please contact PerkinElmer’s Support team to discuss options which may be available to you.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact PerkinElmer Support at:

PerkinElmer Informatics Support

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