Intersoft Solutions Newsletter - February 2014 (영문)
2014/02/28 (11:21)
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February 2014 Editorial

Upcoming 2014 Release, Crosslight Webinar, Crosslight Availability in Xamarin Component Store.


Today, we are pleased to announce our new, completely redesigned Support Center which is strongly focused to improve usability and increase content discoverability. At Intersoft, we are committed to making not only the greatest development products – but also excellent services and comprehensive product resources backed by our expert team. The new support center proofs just that – which features intuitive resources stream and centralized topics grouped by product platform. In addition, today's website release also includes two of the most voted features – team management and product feedback – now integrated right to the Intersoft website. Check out the new support site here, or login to your account to start managing licenses for your developer team. More details will be available soon in our blog site.

Whether you are ready or not, the mobile apps wave is riding faster than the industry expected. With Salesforce, Microsoft, and SAP joining force with Xamarin recently, it has becoming clear where the IT of business and enterprises are heading: cross-platform native apps. To that end, Crosslight makes cross-platform native apps development right – enabling you to code your application logic once and rapidly target any platforms including iOS, Android and Windows. Starting exactly where it left off, the next major version of Crosslight will feature over 200 new enterprise components and services, making enterprise cross-platform apps development truly a breeze. It will feature end-to-end data access and entity services from the client to the server, powerful offline and synchronization capabilities built right into Crosslight's advanced SQLite, automatic timezone management, security and authentication, push notifications, social integration and much more. Sneak preview the upcoming release here .

As an official enterprise premier partner of Xamarin, we are striving to expand our coverage services area as well as to increase our support quality for our mutual customers. Responding to the hot demands on both Intersoft and Xamarin products, we are pleased to offer special product bundles with Xamarin platforms at a very attractive pricing – saving up to $998 per developer license. Check out our special product bundles.

Earlier this week, we held a live webinar discussing how Crosslight revolutionizes cross-platform mobile apps development. The webinar was a great success – thanks to our customers, partners and interested audiences who joined us in the live webinar. In case you missed out the webinar, you can watch the recorded webinar here.

As usual, feel free to reach me for account inquiry, competitive upgrades, and any pre-sales questions.





Video: Webinar - Building cross-platform Native apps with Xamarin and Crosslight


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Intersoft and Xamarin Special Product Bundles


Purchase Intersoft and Xamarin product bundles with attractive pricing and save up to $998 per license.
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Crosslight Available in Xamarin Store


For existing Xamarin customers, you can now easily purchase Crosslight with your account in Xamarin Component Store. Explore Xamarin Store.


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