HttpWatch 9.2: SSL Handshake Timings and Protocol Information in Firefox (영문)
2014/02/18 (11:10)
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Simtec Limited
February / 2014
HttpWatch Professional 9.2 includes significant new feaures and is now available for download
HttpWatch 9.2 Screen Shot

Upgrading your License

The license key that you previously purchased for HttpWatch in order 60545 on 10 Aug 2007 can be upgraded to work with version 9.2.

New Features

SSL Handshake Timing available in Firefox

The time taken to negotiate an SSL connection is now separately recorded from the TCP connection time in Firefox.

SSL Connection Data in Firefox

Information about the type and strength of the cryptographic algorithms used on an SSL connection is recorded in Firefox.

New SSL Columns

Information about SSL connections can now be displayed as columns in the main request grid.

New SSL Strength Warning

A new warning highlights HTTPS requests with low or medium strength.

Automatic Recording Saves in HAR & CSV Formats

Automatic recording can now be configured to save HAR or CSV files as well as HWL.
HttpWatch in App Store

HttpWatch Basic and Professional iOS Apps

You can now debug, tune and measure the performance of mobile web sites on the iPhone and iPad. There are both Basic (free) and Professional (paid) versions of the app available.
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