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2014/01/09 (10:29)
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Welcome to 2014 and best wishes for a successful year!

To help you on your way to improving your research results in 2014, we thought we'd share with you some examples of how others use NVivo and also some of the new features of the software.

We've listed below a selection of online webinars you may find of value - some live, others recorded, and all free to view!

We'd also appreciate you sharing with colleagues who you believe will benefit from learning about NVivo. 




LIVE NVivo Focus: SurveyMonkey

Friday 31 January, 1:00PM-2:00PM (AEDT)

Join us for an online demonstration of how to use NVivo’s new capabilities designed to help you more efficiently access data from your surveys in SurveyMonkey.

SurveyMonkey has made it easier to create and collect data from surveys, now you can import your survey data directly from your SurveyMonkey account into NVivo and get the most from your data.

The session is interactive and there will be plenty of time for questions. Find out more and register here

Recorded webinar: Organising your research project to ensure success with NVivo


Kristi Jackson and Pat Bazeley, authors of the text 'Qualitative Data Analysis with NVivo'

Brought to you by QSR International and SAGE Publishing, this webinar explores setting up your research for maximum success and some of the features found in NVivo designed to assist you as you start up your research project.

Specifically this 30-minute webinar will help you:

• Stay calm when you start a project.
• Visualize (and perhaps change) your research question(s) in the software.
• Understand the NVivo tools for sorting and comparing subgroups.
• Consider ways of preparing data in order to easily manage these subgroups later.
• Refine your research approach so you’ll be ready for your second project!

You can view the webinar here.

Learn more about the authors: 
Kristi Jackson -
Pat Bazeley -

Recorded Show & Tell: Blogging with NVivo

Kath McNiff, Technical Writer, QSR International


Kath McNiff has been using NVivo for almost ten years and is a key member of the team that creates our online help, video tutorials and Getting Started guides. That means she’s as expert as they get!


In this online session Kath talks specifically about how she uses NVivo to manage The NVivo Blog, and covers how she uses NVivo to:  

  • Review qual-related web content (to come up with ideas for blog posts) 
  • Follow qualitative researchers on Twitter and LinkedIn  
  • Keep track of the details of guest bloggers

Anyone interested in using NVivo for literature reviews, social media analysis or contact management will find this presentation helpful!

You can watch the recording here.


Maximise your NVivo investment with formal training!



The best way to get the most out of NVivo is to join one of our Workshops, and we've a variety scheduled in the region. These are available both on and offline, and cover content from NVivo Essentials to how to use NVivo to produce a top-quality literature review.

Upcoming workshops are listed here.



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