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2013/09/17 (10:08)
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Indigo Studio is the fastest UI prototyping and interaction design tool on the market today. With Indigo Studio in your arsenal, gone are days of constantly reworking a product. As you create storyboards with over 100 different scenes, wireframes with built-in interactive controls, and prototypes for your desktop, web, and mobile apps, you can ensure that you and clients and stakeholders are on the same page before you write a single line of code.

With the new features in the latest version of Indigo Studio, designing prototypes for mobile devices has never been easier. With full support for any device that runs HTML5, including iOS devices, now you can document designs with PDF support, design storyboards with real-world usage context, rapidly prototype interactive app designs, and design fully functional, animated UI prototypes with touch-support and built-in screen-to-screen transitions.

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