Pre-Announcing UltraEdit v19.20 and Editor Themes (영문)
2013/08/14 (11:19)
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Pre-Announcing UltraEdit v19.20 and Editor Themes

Skin your editor - from top to bottom - with themes!


UltraEdit v19.20 preview


Coming Soon: Have it your way with themes

UltraEdit v19.20 (currently in beta) includes one of our most revolutionary features to date: editor themes. With a single click, change UltraEdit's default skin, editor colors, and syntax highlighting colors to the color scheme you want!


Manage themes

Switch themes on the fly

Changing UltraEdit's theme is as easy as going to the View -> Themes submenu and selecting a new theme. UltraEdit v19.20 will come preloaded with several default themes, but you can create your own and share with other users as well.


Here are a few more theme previews...



Theme Challenge: Send us your theme, win a free upgrade!


Create a theme you think is worthy of becoming a default theme in UltraEdit v19.20. If we select your theme, you will get a FREE upgrade to v19.20! (Themes become the sole property of IDM once submitted).

Email us to get the v19.20 beta and start creating your themes today!


What else is new in v19.20?


CSS Color Tooltips
Preview your CSS and HTML colors by simply hovering over the color definition in your source code, and modify the color by clicking on the swatch tooltip!


Exponentially faster file handling
You'll be amazed with the blazing fast speed at which UltraEdit now handles medium to large files, with exponentially faster load and navigation speeds!


A-Style update
Never worry about manually reformatting or tidying your source code with the integrated Artistic Style feature. Version 19.20 includes expanded A-Style functionality!


Upgrade UltraEdit today and get v19.20 free!


UltraEdit v19.00
Only $29.95
Buy Now


Upgrade now and get the must-have v19.20 for free!

For those of you who have not yet upgraded to the v19 series, now is the time to do so! Get all of the new features in v19.00 and v19.10, then get the forthcoming v19.20 for free. Hurry, before prices increase this fall!

Tour new features in v19.00   |   Tour new features in v19.10

Our upgrade policy: Since 1994, we've believed in over-delivering on the value of paid registration. As always, your paid registration includes free upgrades for one year following your purchase date.


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