Intersoft Solutions Newsletter - July 2013 (영문)
2013/08/02 (16:15)
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July 2013 Editorial

The most anticipated release is just around the corner.

It's almost here. We’re working around the clock to get the new Intersoft Studio 2013 ready in the upcoming month. This release is a commit of 15 months of work delivering major updates to all existing .NET platforms, plus brand-new mobile platforms spanning across top three platforms – iOS, Android and Windows. And more importantly, the 2013 release is not just about new products launch, it’s a strategic milestone that sets Intersoft to a whole new level. With the entrance to the mobile development space, Intersoft product line-up will be re-branded to reflect the new changes. New website with store experiences, customer account portal and major website facelift will be introduced along with 2013 release. Please bear with us for a little longer while we’re preparing for the best release ever.

Crosslight has been matured and has passed the strict AOT compliance on physical iDevices. It is the industry's first mobile toolset that allows you to use MVVM design pattern to create cross-platform native mobile apps with up to 96% code reuse. Based on our test lab so far, the performance is awesome – thanks to the high performance MVVM Framework in Crosslight.

The upcoming 2013 release also introduces the industry’s most advanced reporting product, featuring pixel-perfect designer tools with intuitive user experiences. It ships with both developer and end-user designer that sports modern workspace design allowing you to author complex business reports in less time with less effort.

Last but not least, you can sign up for the Crosslight beta today by sending your request to Make sure your subscription is active, renew today to receive the new 2013 release when it’s available in the late August.

Please feel free to write me an email for account inquiry, renewal, and competitive upgrade offer.

Martin Lie, Customer Relation Executive



Crosslight – Cross Platform Mobile Development

Write application logic once in MVVM and deploy to the iOS, Android and Windows platforms with Crosslight, the most powerful cross-platform mobile development toolset.
Learn more.

Most Advanced Silverlight Reporting

ClientUI Report Designer is built from the ground up with modern design workspace that emphasize on true WYSIWYG experience. No more unnecessary designer visual getting in the way, just your report elements and pages.
Learn more .

WebEssentials sports all-new modern UI Themes

WebEssentials will join the flagship product family to fully support HTML5 and CSS3. Get a closer look at WebEssentials components with the modern UI theme applied.
Learn more.

WebScheduler features Daylight Saving Time Support

Prepare for the upcoming WebScheduler 4 that is strongly focused on core scheduling features and latest browsers support.
Read more.


Community Center

Apply LightScrollViewerStyle to an UXScrollViewer in WPF

Community member David is questioning on how to apply beautiful LightScrollViewerStyle to an UXScrollViewer in WPF. Our tech support has successfully investigated and provided a sample to achieve this scenario. Check out the tips sample.

Dispose Delegate and Execute command after performing navigation

Member Andrew is trying to get rid of Delegate and Execute command after navigation is triggered. You can try to enable IsAutomaticRequeryDisabled property of DelegateCommand. Alternatively, you can also enable this property in ViewModel. Check out the complete method for this scenario.

Show message presenter in nested DialogBox

Community member Bill is trying to show message presenter in nested DialogBox. The issue that we found was that the presenter itself is incorrectly positioned in the second dialog box. Read through the complete conversation with solution for this issue.


ASP.NET Online Samples

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Silverlight Online Samples

Browse hundreds of business-inspiring reference samples.

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