New Release: ABCpdf.NET 9.1 (영문)
2013/06/18 (09:35)
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New Release: ABCpdf Version 9.1

ABCpdf Version 9.1 is out and you've got Version 9 then the update is completely free! Download it here...

If you've got an older version it's simple to upgrade - the APIs are backwards compatible so all you need to do is install and recompile. If you have an old license this entitles you to reduced price upgrade licenses. Upgrade prices are currently under review so this is a great time to think about an update.

So what's changed between 9.0 and 9.1?

  • An updated ABCGecko HTML rendering engine taking it from Firefox 4.0.1 equivalence to Firefox 21.0.0.
  • An MSHTML HTML rendering engine update for a lighter touch in permission sensitive environments such as web servers.
  • WordGlue integration for easy conversion of DOC and DOCX documents to PDF without the involvement of desktop applications like MS Office and
  • Export to Photoshop PSD format in eight or sixteen bits per channel; Gray, RGB, CMYK or Lab color spaces; with or without alpha.
  • Improvements for drawing of pages from one document into another. The AddImageDoc method now supports annotations such as editable text boxes and links. It also now allows alpha to be controlled for translucent drawing of one page onto another.
  • New Font, FontColor, FontSize and FontObliqueAngle for returning style information during text extraction operations.
  • Additions to the SVG extraction functionality to more tightly control the types of content that are returned.
  • Support for contextual ligatures in text using AddText and AddHtml for complex languages such as Arabic.
  • Low level helpers such as the ObjectSoupSubset for selecting families of linked objects and moving them between documents. The Page.GetResourcesByType for easy lookup of page resources. NumAtom/StringAtom Encode methods for conversion of basic types into formats that can be directly inserted into content streams.
  • Accessing pages of a document by PageNumber can become slow when dealing with large, badly constructed documents. The new GetPageArrayAll function provides a much faster alternative.
  • Low level speed optimizations. These only produce small differences, probably in the order of a couple of percent, but because they are used across the board they apply to virtually every operation you perform.


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