Remote Desktop Manager - Newsletter - May, 2013 (영문)
2013/05/09 (10:01)
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Newsletter - May, 2013 - Centralize it, Secure it, Simplify IT!

New RDMS Small Business Edition

You maybe think that RDMS’ price is beyond your budget or maybe some of you also think that you don’t need RDMS’ unlimited user feature. Well, guess what? We’re proud to introduce you the new Small Business Edition of RDMS, which has been specifically designed for small and medium businesses
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PVM 4.2: Enterprise-Wide Password Management at its best

Password Vault Manager Version 4.2 is now available. This is the second update this year, and features plenty of enhancements and improvements – many of which were inspired by input from our community of IT pros!
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Interview with Marc-André Moreau, creator of FreeRDP

Last November we launched a new partnership with Awake Coding Consulting, an open-source software consulting company led by Marc-André Moreau, who is also the creator and leader of the renowned open-source project and we had the pleasure to interview him about it.
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April’s poll results

As for April’s poll, we asked for suggestions on what we should showcase at Microsoft TechEd this year to really impress the crowd. We received many great responses, full of useful comments and suggestions.
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Automating Remote Microsoft Management Console


While running a remote MMC Snap-In is useful, automating it is bliss! Session Macros/Scripts/Tools will do the job, configure once and run the MMC against any of your servers.
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Kee Pass Pluggin issue


Metadate update from list

Bitvise SSH Client


Ammyy Admin Remote Desktop

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