Intersoft Solutions Newsletter - March 2013 (영문)
2013/03/28 (10:20)
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March 2013 Editorial

Announcing Cross-platform Mobile Development Tools, Updated 2013 Product Roadmap, Special Offer, and more.

Thank you for participating our product 2013 survey. As we’ve recently completed the planning for this year’s product roadmap, I’m excited to share about our new product direction and strategy. For many years, we’ve been actively developing products on Microsoft platforms such as ASP.NET, Silverlight and WPF. In addition to these Microsoft platforms, this year we will be offering new exciting products targeting popular mobile platforms – including Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, as well as Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 and Windows Runtime.

As mobile devices adoption is rising high in business and enterprises, we believe it’s now the time to expand our product line-up to enable rapid mobile business apps development. One of the main challenges in business mobile apps development is the various kind of devices and platforms to support. Our upcoming mobile toolset, named Crosslight, is aimed to address cross-platform challenges by leveraging MVVM design pattern. And for the first time ever, you will be able to create great native mobile apps using the same Silverlight and MVVM skillset you already familiar with. Get ready to enter the mobile development world, learn more about Crosslight and other upcoming products here.

Good news to our loyal customers! Like and Follow our page in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and receive a whopping $200 amazon voucher for any WebUI Studio Subscription purchase and renewal. Contact me today to get more information about this special offer.

This month, several product enhancements are released as we always commit to deliver the best quality products. The hotfixes is now available to download that includes new features across ASP.NET, Silverlight and WPF controls. If you have any features requests that you want to share, I’m more than happy to get in touch with you further.

Martin Lie, Customer Relation Executive



Intersoft Product Roadmap 2013

We've got a lot of exciting products in our roadmap this year – cross-platform mobile toolset, reporting and much more. Read more.

Special Offer for Social Fans

Get $200 gift voucher for any new subscription purchase by clicking Like or Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. More Info.

Create Drill Down Chart with UXChart

This new blog post will show an example of drilling down chart data using UXChart control.
Learn more.

Design Portfolio: Asuransi Astra Buana

See how our design experts created fast and responsive UI for the new Human Resource Management System.
Learn more.

KB: How to update metro designer in Visual Studio 2012

Intersoft controls such as WebGrid and WebCombo have their own metro designer. This article shows you how to apply metro designer update in Visual Studio 2012. Learn more.

KB: Enable Bottom NewRowPosition in UXGridView

UXGridView has NewRowPosition property which gets or sets a value that determines the position of new row. This article describes how to enable bottom new row position of UXGridView. Learn more.


This month, we ship several product hotfixes for stability improvements and new enhancements. UXGridView comes with several enhancements such as cell template is no longer shown in new and empty row. UXChart is displayed correctly in the scrolled size when EnableZoomBox is true. WebGrid’s height now renders correctly inside WebTab when its height is fluid. Visit Support Center to see the complete version history.


Community Center

Configure Linked WebInput

Member Jarl is looking for an example on how to use linked WebInput with format date yyyy-MM-dd. Our technical support had created a simple sample that shows how to implement this scenario. Check out the complete code in the thread.

Client-side event to control WebSpellChecker’s dialog box position

Member John is questioning why the dialog box shows incorrect position when placing WebSpellChecker in scrolled area. This issue might happen because incorrect position result due to scroll. You can use OnAfterCheckSpell client-side event to overcome this issue. Get the complete code here.


ASP.NET Online Samples

Experience our new and updated samples for HTML5.


Silverlight Online Samples

Browse hundreds of business-inspiring reference samples.

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