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2012/10/04 (15:59)
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Introducing Aspose.Imaging for Java
Danny Cooper

In October 2011, we introduced Aspose.Imaging for .NET, an API for converting image files between formats and creating images. We are delighted to announce its first sibling, Aspose.Imaging for Java. The two products have the same features and save you lots of time when working with image files in your programs. To celebrate the release of Aspose.Imaging for Java, this month's newsletter is themed around images. Aspose's products have a host of image conversion and manipulation features. This month, we share how to save Microsoft Word documents to multipage TIFFs, export images to PSD with Aspose.Imaging and save Microsoft Visio diagrams to image formats with Aspose.Diagram. These are just some of the tasks that developers can perform with our products.

Thank you for reading,
Danny Cooper, Aspose Texas Team Leader

Product Spotlight – Aspose.Imaging

Download iconAspose.Imaging lets software developers create, convert, draw and manage images, independently of image editors. Now available for .NET and Java, Aspose.Imaging saves you time and effort by letting you add image management features to your applications quickly. Download a trial today.

Technical Article – Saving DOC to Multipage TIFF with Aspose.Words for Java

Technical article iconMultipage TIFFs group several images into one file. Aspose.Words for Java lets developers save documents to TIFF with one line of code. If the document contains more than one page, a multipage TIFF is created automatically. It is possible to set compression, resolution and which of the document's pages you want to save. Read the article to find out how.

Tutorial Video – Export Image to PSD with Aspose.Imaging for .NET

Tutorial video iconOne of the great benefits of Aspose.Imaging is that it lets you output to PSD, the native Adobe PhotoShop format. This tutorial shows how to set up a project that loads a BMP file and saves it to an RGB-mode PSD file with RLE compression. Watch the tutorial.

Migration Tip – Saving VSD Files to Other Formats with VSTO or Aspose.Diagram for .NET

Migration tip iconWith Aspose.Diagram, you can work with Microsoft Visio files without Microsoft Office Automation. To share diagrams with colleagues who don't have Microsoft Visio, or use diagrams in presentations, you'll need to save diagrams to other file formats. You can do that with VSTO, of course, but we think you'll agree that it is easier with Aspose.Diagram for .NET. Read the migration tip.

New Releases and Updates
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