Intersoft Solutions Newsletter - May 2012 (영문)
2012/06/01 (09:16)
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Get ready for Intersoft Upcoming June Release
Martin Lie, Customer Relation Executive

This month, we've been busy finalizing the new controls and enhancements across all .NET platforms for the upcoming June release. The new 2012 release is strongly focused in data-aware Silverlight and WPF components for line-of-business application development which includes a brand-new ComboBox with highly efficient data retrieval and multiple columns support, an advanced ComboBox supporting Facebook-like multiple selection capability, and a powerful TreeList control featuring load-on-demand and intuitive drag-drop.
And for ASP.NET lovers, rejoice! The new 2012 release will include major upgrades for WebGrid Enterprise and WebCombo. These award-winning components are now supercharged to fully support HTML5 and CSS3. Read the full coverage below.
Last but not least, be sure to check out the latest ClientUI Developer Preview that we've released to public last week. You don't have to wait until the RTM release to test drive the new controls. Read more below.
As always, if you have any question or feedback, please feel free to email me at

Discover WebUI Studio 2012 R1 with Major Data Controls and Enhancements

The upcoming WebUI Studio 2012 promises a lot of exciting new controls across the ASP.NET, Silverlight and WPF platforms. We're pleased to introduce the new major release for WebGrid Enterprise and WebCombo in the upcoming release. Both controls have now been redesigned to fully support HTML5 and CSS3, as well as tons of other improvements. You can read the complete blog post here.
Also for the most anticipated part of our next release, the ClientUI's data controls line-up will grow with the arrival of three new advanced controls; UXPageableComboBox, UXMultipleSelectionComboBox, and UXTreeList. See the sneak preview below.
Three New Data Controls
The innovation doesn't just stop there; many of the data-intensive controls such as UXGridView and UXTreeView have been refined with multitude of innovative new features. Check out the complete blog post here.

Introducing WebGrid Enterprise 8 and WebCombo 6

Following the survey we conducted earlier this year, we finally decided to bring our ASP.NET control lineups to meet the new web standards. With full HTML 5 support, you can expect consistent results in terms of layout and behaviors across any HTML-5 ready browsers. Furthermore, with HTML 5 adaptive rendering technique, you can expect 100% backward compatibility with HTML 4 and XHTTML doctype.
The new Getting Started Page and Product Catalog
Some of the updates that we bring in WebGrid 8 include pixel-perfect tree lines rendering, rich column interactions, custom editors, client-side binding and smart batch update. Exclusive to WebCombo 6, the control now can render flawless round corner, multiple columns layout, and persistent control styles in all popular browsers. Find out more from the blog post here.

Three Powerful Data Combos for Silverlight and WPF

The upcoming 2012 release is focused on bringing innovative data controls that address performance issues and large data scenarios in enterprise-class application development. Introducing UXMultipleSelectionComboBox, it's a unique combo box control specifically designed to support multiple selection input ' much like the address textbox in Outlook, or the contact selection in Facebook. Learn more about the features here.
UXPageableComboBox is born to answer the needs for a highly responsive ComboBox that supports large data retrieval through efficient paging mechanism. The control also comes with sophisticated features that you won't find elsewhere ' such as multiple columns, sorting and template cell. Read more about the features here.
New ComboBox Controls
Last but not least, this release will also ship with UXTreeList, a special data control that allows you to display self-referencing hierarchical data while retaining Grid-related features such as sorting, filtering and editing. It is the perfect control to use in the scenarios where you need to combine Grid and TreeView capabilities.

Community corner.

UXGridView column header binding

Member Farahani is trying to bind column header text in UXGridViewColumnHeader but it does not work. As it turned out, the datacontext inside UXGridViewTextColumn is not the same with datacontext in the FieldLabel. You can check out the snippet of code given by our support technician here.

Tips and Trick.

Changing the client-side text of item pane

Community member Eric is trying to update the text shown on the client-side screen of ItemPane however it doesn't work by simply changing the .Text field. The correct method to change the text is to use the SetText() function. Check out the complete thread here.

Be sure to download a working free trial of WebUI Studio for 30 days if you aren't already using our award-winning software.
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