Announcing the UE/UC Multi-platform upgrade (영문)
2012/01/20 (13:28)
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Because we think you should get everything you wish for...

Announcing the UE/UC Multi-platform upgrade!

One License, Two Products, Three Platforms (Win/Mac/Linux)

UE/UC on Windows, Mac, and Linux
 Unify your solution - upgrade today!
Get UE/UC Multi-platform at a limited intro price!


Retail:  $269.95

Exclusive IDM direct upgrade:  $129.95

Buy Now
• Using a mixed computing environment?

• Switching between Windows/Mac/Linux VMs?

• Running a dual-boot system, Parallels, or Fusion?

No problem! The all-new UE/UC multi-platform license has you covered regardless of a great price!
Buying independent licenses for each platform can be costly. Upgrade to the UE/UC multi-platform license now and save big. Effortlessly edit your source files with the world's most trusted text editor and compare, merge, and sync files and folders (local or remote via integrated FTP), track changes and find/resolve duplicates with UltraCompare Pro... both on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Your upgrade includes a license for both UltraEdit and UltraCompare on all three platforms (Windows, Mac, and Linux), and, as always, includes one year of free upgrades for both UE and UC on all three platforms.

Don't forget - you can save 33% on upgrades for life with maintenance!

Simply add maintenance to your upgrade as a product option during checkout. Your enrollment entitles you to all major/minor releases throughout the year... and a 33% discount on annual upgrades!
UC Mac screenshotNow Available: UltraCompare Mac Edition!

That's right, UltraCompare Professional is now available for Mac! Use standalone or as an integrated text editing solution with UltraEdit for Mac! Manage your file changes with 2 or 3-way file/folder, binary, archive, and remote/FTP compare operations. Find/Resolve duplicates, sync your local/remote files and more... all on your Mac!

Learn More Download Buy Now 
    Coming in 2012: UltraCompare v9.00  
Coming in 2012: UltraCompare v9.00

Now available in Windows, Mac, and Linux, UltraCompare Professional continues its record setting development pace in the upcoming v9.x series. V9.1 is expected to follow around June/July and v9.2 is expected around October/November. We are committed to the millions that depend on our solution and are very excited about the innovation coming in the v9.x series!

Planned in v9.0 (expected in March)...
• Make root• Improved manual alignment• Split explorer view
• Better filters/ignore options• File/Folder loading options• Improved session management
    Coming soon: UltraEdit v18.00  
Coming soon: UltraEdit v18 with Smart Templates

Last month we unveiled a couple of the features planned for UltraEdit v18.00. One of those which has generated a lot of interest is Smart Templates, which will dramatically expand current template functionality. With Smart Templates, you can set up language-specific code templates and insert them (either automatically or through existing auto-complete functionality) based upon
Preview of Smart Templates feature
context (i.e., what kind of source file you're editing). Furthermore, Smart Templates allow you to add as many custom variables/placeholders to your template as you'd like, then tab through them upon insertion in order to complete the template.

This is one of the biggest features ever added to UltraEdit, and we're pretty excited about it! If you are not already a part of our beta testing team, email us with a request to sign up now so that you can preview this awesome new functionality.
    Coming Next Month: UltraEdit Mac/Linux v3.0  
Coming next month: UltraEdit Mac/Linux editions v3.0

The 3.x series of UE Mac/Linux will be the product's turning point. Having already graduated from editor to programmer's editor just last year, UE Mac/Linux is expected to reach feature/functionality parity with its world class Windows counterpart in 2012. This milestone will enable users regardless of favored platform to enjoy the world's #1 computing solution. We have a major release planned about every three months starting next month (February).

Coming in 3.0 (Expected February):
• UC Lite (compare files)• Automated check for updates• Persistent Highlight All
• Incremental search• Drag-and-drop text editing• Ctags
• Word count• Delete file• ...and a whole lot more!

V3.1 is planned for May, v3.2 is planned for June, and v3.3 is planned for November. The sum of the 3.x series will define the new standard for editors on Mac/Linux.
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