Release Notes for DXperience 10.1, Color in CodeRush & Rebuilding New Orleans at TechEd 2010
2010/05/10 (18:26)
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06 May 2010
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Message from the CTO

Big booth out. Big house in.

Normally for a big conference event like TechEd, we, as a company, go hell-for-leather. Of course, in order to provide this experience, we spend quite a bit of money.

This year, though, we paused with our metaphoric pen on the dotted line. You see, TechEd 2010 is taking place in New Orleans.

I'm sure like me you were horrified at the extreme flooding of New Orleans caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. We at DevExpress can only wonder at the horrors of losing our homes and belongings due to this awful disaster. We've just never experienced such events. In thinking about it, we came to the realization that we cannot in all conscience spend what we normally do on a booth for three days and just leave. We didn't feel it was right.

So we've decided to put the money we'd normally spend towards building a house.

Julian M Bucknall, CTO
Read this week’s Message from the CTO in the DevExpress Blogs


Rebuilding The Big Easy at TechEd New Orleans
DXperience v2010 vol 1 Re-grouping: Transparent and Candid Details
XAF v2010 vol 1: Add Some Zing with Bing
Color Me Happy With CodeRush
Further Improvements to DXperience v2010 vol 1
Reporting Made Easy with the DevExpress Channel
DevExpress Community News: Scott Guthrie Event
DevExpress Training with Oliver Sturm
Top 5 Tips from DevExpress Support

Rebuilding The Big Easy at TechEd New Orleans

TechEd North America 2010 will be hosted by the noble city of New Orleans. This year, DevExpress have decided to shift the focus from our elaborate demonstrations and go all out in another direction – an important charitable direction.

In 2005 a huge natural disaster caused the worst civil engineering disaster in American history. Just five years on, in June 2010, you will find the DevExpress team standing alongside Habitat for Humanity, as they invest in the future of a city almost devastated by Hurricane Katrina. The team will be raising funds for charitable causes in New Orleans and helping to build a home for a deserving local family.

Keep your eyes on the DevExpress blogs, Twitter and Facebook as we do our bit to help rebuild The Big Easy.

* TechEd 2010 New Orleans

DXperience v2010 vol 1 Re-grouping: Transparent and Candid Details

We were there with you, teetering on the edge of the v2010 vol 1 precipice, ready to dive in.

However, the Research and Development team at DevExpress grabbed us all by the braces and pulled us back to a safe distance.

Julian gives us a candid, fluff-free explanation about the reasons for the team's re-group and explains how we should set our expectations.

* Release Date Notes for v2010 vol 1

XAF v2010 vol 1: Add Some Zing with Bing

Mehul recently showed us that in DXperience v2010 vol 1 the Bing Maps service had been integrated into the ASP.NET Pivot Grid.

DevExpress customer, Richard Beezley, had been working on an XAF application to store statistics from field equipment, and he wanted to plot the location data he held in for each piece of equipment on a map.

Not a problem for our intrepid data dude, Gary Short. Using some sample data he found lying around on the internet, he’s created a new XAF sample application to plot location data to Bing Maps.

* Plotting Location Data in Bing Maps with XAF

Color Me Happy With CodeRush

Your marketing team has decided to “re-brand the customer experience” and suddenly you’re faced with the painstaking task of updating all of the CSS files for your website, not to mention your custom apps and designs. And guess what, they want to re-release in a week. You are sunk.

Working with color in source code is not intuitive and certainly isn’t easy, but with CodeRush 10.1 you’ll have a whole raft of features to help make this much easier, and to avoid your sanity floating away from you.

Check out Mark’s latest blog post and accompanying video to see how you can make the most of these new features.

* Working with Color in CodeRush
* Video: Color in CodeRush

Further Improvements to DXperience v2010 vol 1

New additions to the Silverlight control suite continue to emerge, but another great new extension that should not be overlooked is the WPF Pivot Grid.

Many of you have been long-time users of the XtraPivotGrid, and the good news is that its WPF counterpart is gaining parity. Azret takes us through some of the highlights that we can expect with DXPivotGrid for WPF in the upcoming release.

Check out all of the latest news items for the v2010 vol 1 release in the DevExpress Blogs. And don’t forget to leave your feedback.

* WPF Pivot Grid Control
* Silverlight Drag and Drop
* Silverlight Outlook and Explorer Style NavBar Control
* Silverlight Report Viewer and the XtraReports End User Report Designer
* ASP.NET Combo Box Performance Improvements
* Expanded Support for Microsoft Office

Reporting Made Easy with the DevExpress Channel

The DevExpress Media Team have published a series of brand new tutorial videos focusing on the DevExpress Reporting components across ASP.NET, WinForms, WPF and Silverlight.

These videos start with the basics on creating data-aware reporting, followed up by master-detail reports, and then outlining the process of developing a simple cross-tab report.

Check out the latest videos below, and don’t forget to contact us and tell us what you’d like to see covered on the DevExpress Channel.

* Data-Aware Reporting in ASP.NET
* Data-Aware Reporting in WinForms and Silverlight
* Master-Detail Report in WinForms
* Master-Detail Report in ASP.NET
* Master-Detail Report in WPF
* Cross-tab Report and WinForms Reports Designer

DevExpress Community News: Scott Guthrie Event

On Monday, corporate vice president of Microsoft's .NET Developer Platform, Scott Guthrie, will be joined by Scott Hanselman, Jeffrey Palermo and our very own Mark Miller for a developer event of epic proportions.

Tickets for this event in Arizona are very limited. If you want to participate check out Rachel’s blog for further details on how to get involved.

* Scott Guthrie Day of .NET

DevExpress Training with Oliver Sturm

Oliver Sturm will be running two training courses on DevExpress controls this year. In June he will focus on DXperience WinForms and in August he will be holding a hands-on class, developing an event management application using the eXpressApp Framework.

Find out more on these courses, and take advantage of the Early Bird booking discounts by visiting Oliver’s website.

* DevExpress Training Courses in 2010

Top 5 Tips from DevExpress Support

Here's this week's top 5 list:

* eXpressApp Framework v2010 vol 1 Breaking Changes & Obsoletes Migration Guidelines
* How to use XPO in Silverlight
* ExpressQuantumGrid - Create a column and adjust its properties programmatically
* ExpressQuantumGrid - Handle word wrapping within the CustomDrawCell event
* ExpressScheduler - Delete a custom event and recover an event series
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