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2010/05/10 (18:05)
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This issue of Chem&Bio News includes articles on CambridgeSoft Top 10 FAQs, CambridgeSoft Pharmaceutical Development E-Notebook and Latest Updates to the Merck Index.










CambridgeSoft Top 10 FAQs

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At CambridgeSoft, we work to create software solutions that can be tailored to individual user needs. As such, we offer product tiers such as "Standard", "Pro" and "Ultra" that contain different levels of functionality as required. Product experts have gathered many FAQs over years of working with scientists. In some cases, our loyal users were never aware that they already had access to this functionality. In other cases, scientists owning a "S! tandard" or "Pro" version of the software were not aware that upgrading their software would expose them to a new suite of productivity tools.

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CambridgeSoft Pharmaceutical Development E-Notebook

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Depending on the kind of work that is being performed, CambridgeSoft Pharmaceutical Development E-Notebook can provide a range of workflows, from free-form ad-hoc data entry, to highly structured templates that demand certain data to be entered in a particular order. Free-form ad-hoc data entry is prevalent in Method Development, as Analysts must be able to alter the course of an experiment as results become available. During! this process, scientists can write up procedures in Microsoft Word and process results in Microsoft Excel.

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Latest Updates to the Merck Index

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The latest update to The Merck Index - version 14.3 - is now available online at This 2009 update contains 50 new monographs - half of which are commercial chemicals such as reagents, solvents, catalysts and alternative fuels, and the other half are drugs and natural products. T! he number of monographs in the online version is now 11,339.

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Feature Clips

Polymer drawing tools in ChemDraw

Learn how to utilize the collection of polymer-drawing features in ChemBioDraw. Free polymer templates are also provided, please visit here to download them.

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Tech Notes


How do I activate Mnova that came with ChemBioOffice?

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White Papers

CambridgeSoft Biology Solutions

CambridgeSoft's ChemOffice WebServer suite includes two products which are focused on the biologist's needs. These two products: BioAssay HTS and BioSAR Browser, provide a complete recording and reporting solution for individuals executing biological assays.BioSAR is only available at the Enterprise level; BioAssay is also available at the Desktop/Workgroup levels.

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