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2009/10/15 (18:25)
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Solar*ink October 2009

In This Edition:

Get Ultimate Alerting

We know what gets you up in the morning and keeps you alert all day – caffeine, of course! Whether you prefer some strong java or stick to a pure diet of Mountain Dew®, geeks dig their caffeine as much as their network toys. This month, we're all about the alert – and not just the caffeinated variety; we have some awesome alerting tricks for your network to keep it on its toes while you prep for your late night gaming session with a couple of cans of classic Jolt® cola.

Alerting on WAN Performance Issues

Our new product – Orion IP SLA Manager – gives you ultimate alerting on critical IP SLA statistics that provide valuable insight into site-to-site performance issues across your WAN. You'll know immediately if thresholds are violated, indicating that parameters are outside of what is considered "good" for a given WAN link, and can immediately start troubleshooting. With Orion IP SLA Manager, you can:

  • Monitor and alert on WAN network performance using IP SLA technology that's already built into your existing Cisco® routers
  • Generate test traffic on your network that alerts you to WAN performance issues and site-to-site problems before they impact users
  • Set up alerts for correlated events and sustained conditions across your WAN

Learn More About Orion IP SLA Manager >

Download Orion IP SLA Manager >

Alerting Across Complex Networks

Orion Network Performance Monitor (NPM) delivers advanced alerting for your network devices, ensuring you get notified of router issues and poorly performing switches and servers at any time of day or night. Don't let your network succumb to sluggishness – fire up Orion NPM and let its alerting features keep you and your network at peak performance. With Orion NPM's advanced alerting, you can:

  • Define device dependencies
  • Configure network alerts for correlated events (alert if X and Y are true)
  • Set up network alerts for sustained conditions (alert if Y is true for more than 5 minutes)
  • Escalate network alerts automatically
  • Ensure you don't receive unnecessary alerts and prevent floods of useless messages

Learn More About Orion NPM >

Learn More About Advanced Alerting >

Download Orion NPM >

Alerting for Your IP Addres Space

Staying on top of issues in your IP address space can be a challenge. That's why our Orion IP Address Manager (IPAM) enables you to quickly and easily configure powerful alert engines to respond to hundreds of different scenarios, including multiple condition checks of your IP address space. Finally, you can rest assured that you'll be notified before a subnet or DHCP scope is full, and recognize and correct issues before your users experience issues. With Orion IPAM, you can:

  • Define subnet capacity thresholds and configure alerts to notify you before your subnets become full
  • Prevent running out of available IP addresses in your DHCP scopes with advanced alerting
  • Leverage more than sixteen built-in alert delivery methods and responses, including email, pages, SNMP traps, text-to-speech, syslog messages, and the launching of an external application

Learn More About Orion IPAM >

Download Orion IP Address Manager >

Free Tools & Resources to Energize Your Network
If there is one thing that has the same adrenaline-inducing capacity as your favorite caffeinated beverage, it is free stuff for your network. We can help re-energize you and your network with some cool new free tools and resources.

Free Tools That Will Put You in a Frenzy
  • Free VM Monitor continuously monitors a VMware® ESX Server and its virtual machines. Track virtualization health at-a-glance and impress your boss with X-ray vision into your ESX Servers!
    Download Now >
  • Free Exchange Monitor offers up a desktop dashboard that monitors Microsoft® Exchange for real-time insight into Exchange services, mail queue sizes, and host server health.
    Download Now >
  • Free IP Address Tracker liberates you from the evils of spreadsheets, delivering powerful and simple-to-use features that give you a unified view of your IP address space and that enable you to manage it – all for free!
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Free Resources to Get Fired Up About
  • NEW! Reference Guide for Fundamental Protocols of Network Management answers all of your questions about network protocols with this in-depth, 5-part guide. Learn everything you've ever wanted to know about ICMP, SNMP, Windows® management protocols, Telnet, SSH, and more!
    Download Now >
  • The Essential Series: Network Troubleshooting and Problem Identification gives you the low-down on how to automate many of the pesky manual tasks you face everyday. Plus, pick up great tips for bandwidth monitoring, isolating network vs. application issues, and streamlining config management.
    Download Now >

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Cisco and SolarWinds Team Up on Virtualization

Have you discovered the virtualization goodness that Cisco® Nexus 1000V switches offer? We thought so. But you may not realize that SolarWinds can take the complexity out of managing these virtual infrastructure environments. In fact, our Orion Network Performance Monitor offers the same ease of management for the Nexus 1000V as any other switch.

SolarWinds and Cisco want to get you invigorated about virtualization, so we've teamed up to provide you with two great ways to get started:

  • On-Demand Webcast: Managing the Impact of Virtualization Technology on Your Network: Virtualization experts, Josh Stephens, SolarWinds Head Geek, and Neal Mueller, Cisco's Nexus 1000V Product Manager, discuss how to manage virtual switch infrastructure and best practices for analyzing network traffic within the virtual ecosystem.
    Watch Now >
  • Bundled Discount: Buy Cisco Nexus 1000V with Orion NPM for Only US$2425 – a US$745 Savings! Contact your reseller to purchase this powerful virtualization bundle at a great discount before December 31!
    Learn More >

View Our Resource Center for Cisco Networks >

Product Tip: Monitor & Alert on Your Data Center Temperature
Adding monitoring and alerting on the temperature of your data center to Orion Network Performance Monitor is as easy as brewing a super-strength cup of coffee.  Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Purchase and install an SNMP-capable thermostat for your data center. (You can find examples at
  2. Add the thermostat to Orion NPM for monitoring.
  3. Open the Universal Device Poller interface in Orion NPM.
  4. Click "New Universal Device Poller"; then select the appropriate MIB and OID for temperature and click "Next".
  5. Assign the poller to the thermostat devices you added and click "Next".
  6. Specify whether you want these statistics displayed in the Orion web console and click "Finish".
  7. Open the Advanced Alert Manager interface in Orion NPM and click "Configure Alerts".
  8. Select "New Alert" and provide a name for the alert on the first tab.
  9. Move to the Trigger Condition tab and, in the drop-down menu, select "Custom Node Poller".
  10. Add two simple conditions by clicking on the "..." graphic and selecting "Simple Condition" twice.
  11. Click the first * and select Custom Node Poller -> Poller Name and enter the name of your new poller.
  12. On the second row, click on the first * and select Custom Node Poller -> Status; then select "is greater or equal to" and enter your desired temperature threshold.
  13. Under the Trigger Actions tab, specify how you want to be notified if this alert is triggered and click "Ok".

Download Orion NPM >

Recent Product Updates

ipMonitor v10 >

Orion IP SLA Manager v3.0 >

Orion NPM v9.5 - Service Pack 5 (only required if using Orion IPAM v1.5) >

IP Address Manager v1.5 >

Engineer's Toolset v10.3 Hot   Fix 1 >

Orion APM v3.0 - Service Pack 1 >

Orion NTA v3.5 - Service Pack 2 >


Amp Up Your Cisco Network with Our FREE Diagnostic Collection
In between daily doses of Mountain Dew®, do you spend your days managing Catalyst® switches, learning the hidden secrets of Cisco IOS®, and quizzing your coworkers on RFC numbers?

If so, our free Diagnostic Collection is designed for you. This bundle includes five essential free tools for managing your Cisco® gear and amping up your daily diagnostics. That means you can spend more time wiring up for your wicked World of Warcraft® game.


Get Buzzed About NetFlow Support for Cisco ASA
We know that you love your Cisco ASA security gear, so we've added support for the ASA product line to our popular Orion NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA), which helps you identify who and what are consuming your precious bandwidth.



Late Night Study Session with the SCP Prep Guide
Energize your career by becoming a SolarWinds Certified Professional! Mix up a can of Red Bull® with your favorite mixer (we won't tell) and start studying with our Prep Guide. Brush up on your network knowledge and show off your skills with our new network management certification.



Piping Hot Topics on thwack
More than 30,000 of you have already joined the round-the-clock conversation on thwack, SolarWinds community site. What are you waiting for? Check out the latest threads and resources posted on thwack:

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Perk Up with the New Orion Product Blog

Although they'll debate you on whether Dr.Pepper® or Mountain Dew® offers a superior caffeine delivery system, one thing the Orion product team can agree on is the cool factor of their new blog. Check out their tips for getting the most out of your Orion products and learn a little more about the people behind that web console you look at everyday.


POST: Why is the web console slow? READ POST >

POST: Orion NCM Server and NCM Integration Module – what goes where? READ POST >

Head Geek On-Demand Webcasts

When you are wired at 2am, why not make the most of your time with some on-demand webcasts with our Head Geek, Josh Stephens? He has lots of great networking knowledge to share, regardless of the hour.


Monitoring WAN Performance with Cisco IP SLA
IP SLA is a wicked cool Cisco® IOS technology. Learn what IP SLA is, how you can use it to better understand network performance, and why our Head Geek thinks this technology rocks. Plus, learn best practices for deploying IP SLA!

Advanced IP Address Management
Learn how to simplify IP address management, plus pick up tips on when to use public vs. private IP address space; the complexities caused by private address space; what you really need to know about IPv6; and best practices for assigning IP addresses.

Get Geeky with Us in Atlantic City on October 22nd
Join SolarWinds for a free technical workshop on advanced network monitoring technologies and best practices. Our Head Geek will teach you how to stop gambling with network performance before you hit the tables.


Maintenance Renewals Made Easy

We have two ways to make renewing your maintenance easier. First, you can now renew online in the SolarWinds Customer Portal – just look under "License Management" after you login and click on the handy "renew" buttons.

Second, co-terming enables you to pick a date for maintenance renewal for all of your products, regardless of when they were purchased. That means you just have to keep track of one date, instead of multiple renewal dates. Contact us to co-term today!

Live Demos Deliver Action

Check out our live demo sites to test-drive your favorite Orion products:

Fault & Performance Monitoring Demo >

IP Address Management

Application Monitoring

Network Configuration Management Demo >

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