SolarWinds Power Pack: For Serious Network Engineers (영문)
2008/08/21 (09:31)
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Orion NPM Engineer's Toolset

Do you want to take your network management to the next level? Then plug into the Power Pack from SolarWinds! Designed to meet the needs of the most challenging environments, the Power Pack delivers the advanced features our power users crave.

The Power Pack combines two of our most popular (and award-winning) products to deliver powerful network management capabilities for optimal network performance and rapid problem diagnosis.

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Orion NPM delivers comprehensive fault and performance management across multi-vendor networks of any size. Orion NPM offers:

  • Real-time performance metrics
  • Monitoring for any SNMP-enabled device
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use web interface
  • Do-it-yourself deployment
  • Flexible modules for NetFlow, VoIP, and application monitoring

Engineer's Toolset delivers 49 desktop tools for monitoring, troubleshooting, and discovering your network. Crowd favorites include:

  • Switch Port Mapper
  • IP Address Management
  • Bandwidth Gauges
  • Cisco® Configuration Tools
  • MIB Browser
  • DNS Analyzer
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