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2008/05/09 (14:48)
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May 2008

 Software Updates and Valuable Special Offers From Solid Documents


We’re constantly working to improve the quality of our software so that your experience as the end-user is the very best.  To insure that you always have the latest release of our software we provide you with free maintenance updates.  Additionally, when we release a new version of our software we make upgrade and special pricing offers available to our existing customers.


Updates vs. Upgrades (Special Offers), What’s the Difference?


Build Updates - free maintenance updates for the Solid Documents software you already own. This means we pass along minor and sometimes not so minor improvements in the quality of our software to you at no charge.


NOTE: To see if you have the latest version of our software, you must click the “Show Specials” button within the product.


How do I update to the latest build?


Simply launch your software and open the “About” screen.  This screen can be reached by clicking on the "Help" button or from the "Help | About" menu. 


Next, click the “Show Specials” button. This will open your browser and take you to your Special Offers and Upgrades page on our web site.


Once at our website you have the option to update your current software to the latest build, purchase the latest version at a discount or purchase one of our other software titles at special offer pricing. Please keep in mind that free updates are only available for the latest versions of our software.


Version Upgrades - When we release a new version we call it an “upgrade”, not only have we taken the time to improve existing functionality in your software, we’ve also added brand new features and functionality designed to improve your productivity. Upgrades are not free. However, we do provide current owners with a generous special offer discount when purchasing a version upgrade. 


Don't have the product installed anymore? You can also reach the Special Offers page from this link in the Solid Tips newsletters: (click on it to see)


How are we doing?  We’re always interested in your comments and feedback. Please send your suggestions to support@soliddocuments.com. Thank you for using our products!



Thank you for your business!

The Solid Documents Team




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