UltraEdit v19.10 released: Quality, depth, polish, and performance! (영문)
2013/06/05 (10:03)
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UltraEdit v19.10 now available!

Another must-have upgrade with quality enhancements you'll use every day!


UltraEdit v19.10


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Version 19.10 boasts an array of polish, performance, and functionality improvements with something for every type of user! We've implemented some of your most-requested quality improvements to make your day-to-day editing tasks easier.

What's better in UltraEdit v19.10?



New "Simplistic" environment for simple, minimalistic editor layout


Leap forward for function list with improved functions, parameters, and full Perl regex support


Version backup support for FTP files


Expanded auto-complete functionality


Full Jump List support


Improved UltraFinder and UltraSentry integration


Much improved HTML/XML tag highlighting


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Plus the power of the UltraSuite... Right on your toolbar!



UltraCompare integrates seamlessly with UltraEdit so that you can open, compare, and merge up to 3 different versions of a file!



Open files and compare them directly from UltraEdit


Inspect and merge differences between up to 3 files or folders


Sync folders, compare columns, integrate with version control, more...


UltraFinder is a quick and lightweight Windows search application. Launch a file search or duplicate search from UltraEdit in the active file's parent directory.



Find files anywhere: local, network, shared, FTP, PDFs, Word Docs


Eliminate duplicate images, photos, and documents with the file preview pane


Open results in UE, compare duplicates in UC, or delete matches with US


Secure, safe, and easy to use – UltraSentry protects your most important data!



File and date security made simple with UltraEdit integration


Save/store file(s) to UltraSentry's Digital Locker


Send files to File Shredder in one click then run the shredder - all from UE!


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UltraEdit v19.00




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UE 19.10, UC 8.5, UF 13, and US 13, plus free upgrades for one year on all four products!

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Our upgrade policy: Since 1994, we've believed in over-delivering on the value of paid registration. As always, your paid registration includes free upgrades for one year following your purchase date.


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