Intersoft Solutions Newsletter - May 2013 (영문)
2013/05/31 (10:05)
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May 2013 Editorial

Upcoming 2013 R1 Release, WebScheduler 4, and Brand New ClientUI Reporting.

We are nearly ready to release WebUI Studio 2013 R1. In this upcoming release, we will introduce new products as well as enhancements to our existing controls. The new Crosslight and new tools across Silverlight, WPF and ASP.NET will be taking part to complete this release. Introducing Crosslight, the first mobile tool project that allows you to use the same Silverlight and MVVM skillset to create cross-platform mobile applications. The new reporting lineup for Silverlight and WPF is ready to take report authoring and viewing to the next level – thanks to the new innovative features and powerful C# scripting engine. On the other hands, all of our ASP.NET components will be redesigned to fully support HTML5 and CSS3. Welcoming the new version of WebScheduler with improved day light saving and time zone support as well as WebTextEditor with IE10 support.

Introducing the new WebScheduler 4, with new modern UI theme and better support for Daylight Saving Time. Many of WebScheduler UI elements were completely revamped to match the modern user experience and now, WebScheduler will have much cleaner look from tabs, calendar to every grid lines and event. By default, WebScheduler is now able to detect the datetime settings in the server. Thanks to all your feedback and support to help us make better products!

Designed from ground-up, we proudly introduce the new major lineup for Silverlight and WPF, ClientUI reporting. It is a full-fledged XAML reporting engine which includes a powerful C# style scripting support for the most demanding business reports. ClientUI will ship this report engine with various built-in report controls, which generally used in most of line-of-business scenarios. Make sure you don't miss all these new exciting tools when they're released. Please feel free to write me an email for account inquiry, renewal, and competitive upgrade offer.

Martin Lie, Customer Relation Executive



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Community Center

Add custom attribute in WebGrid

Community member is questioning how to add custom attribute in WebGrid. In this thread, you can see the walkthrough on how to implement this scenario. Check out the complete conversation.

Add event button in UXScheduler

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Use UXCallout control to edit tree items

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