Dynamsoft Monthly Newsletter - May 2013 (영문)
2013/05/31 (10:02)
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Dynamsoft Corporation
Monthly Newsletter-May 2013
Product News
We have reviewed the performance of our resellers and rewarded the outstanding resellers with golden/silver medals and listed them first. If you have any promotion plans for Dynamsoft products, we'd love to hear them. >> Learn more
Dynamic .NET TWAIN 4.3 Will be Released on Jun.4
The updated Barcode Reader add-ons will increase 1D and 2D Barcode Recognition and Performance in the coming version of Dynamic .NET TWAIN.
Better SourceAnywhere is on the way
In the first half of 2013, our team are looking to greatly improve the performance of SourceAnywhere (Standalone) in LAN.

In the second half of 2013, the long-waiting feature of merge-branch will be officially added in a major release.

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