Intersoft Solutions Newsletter - April 2013 (영문)
2013/05/02 (10:15)
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April 2013 Editorial

What's Next in the WebUI Studio for ASP.NET Lineup, Get Ready for Mobile Apps Generation, DevForce 2012 Support and more.

Everybody should agree that mobile devices are continuously rising high in business and enterprises as well as personal lifestyle. It becomes important needs in our life during day and night. Every growing business needs mobile apps to stay existed in today’s competitive global era. The best things in mobile apps, they are simply fast and easily accessible everywhere, and they have all device capabilities such as making calls, receive instant notifications, show location direction with GPS and much more. That said, we are hard at work to deliver the most sophisticated mobile toolset so you can build native mobile business apps quickly, easily and rapidly. So please bear with us for a little while as we're finalizing a few things for a beta release soon.

For the ASP.NET lineup, we’re going to have very exciting new features and interface facelift in our upcoming 2013 R1 release. The entire ASP.NET components will feature full HTML5 and CSS3 support. In addition, all flagship products such as WebScheduler, WebTextEditor and WebEssentials will sport Windows 8 modern style user experiences. So if you've been looking to upgrade your web apps to the latest Windows design, we've got it covered for you just in the right time.

This month, several product enhancements are released as we always commit to deliver the best quality products. The hotfixes are now available to download that include new features across ASP.NET, Silverlight and WPF controls. If you have any features requests that you want to share, I’m more than happy to get in touch with you further.

Martin Lie, Customer Relation Executive



Join the Mobile Apps Revolution

Announcing Intersoft Product Roadmap 2013. Get ready to build amazing mobile business apps.
Read more.

Major Upgrades on ASP.NET Lineup

Coming soon in 2013 R1 release, we will bring all ASP.NET lineup to support HTML5 and upgrade it to next level with new modern UI theme.
Read more.

DevForce 2012 Support in ClientUI

Join Yudi in his blog post as he explains the details about DevForce 2012 support in ClientUI for Silverlight and WPF.
Learn more.

Design Portfolio: ExtendASP

See how our professional services created an entirely new look-and-feel shopping cart for ExtendASP website.
Learn more.


This month, we ship several product hotfixes for stability improvements and new enhancements. ClientUI for Silverlight and WPF now officially support DevForce 2012, both native and compatibility data providers are included. WebGrid receives numerous improvements in ClientBinding and better HTML5 support. Visit Support Center to see the complete version history.


Community Center

Set multiples values to show up in the dropdown

Member Douglas is questioning how to set multiple values or single value to show up in the dropdown. This thread describes an issue when using checkbox for multiple selections. It happens due to incorrect data type for the field, which needs to use varchar instead of nchar. Check out the complete code in the thread.

Add event button in UXScheduler

Community member Su Su is wondering how to customize add event button in UXScheduler. Simply use the designer tool in Expression Blend to implement this scenario. Click here to see complete instructions with screenshots.

ClientUI fully supports DevForce 2012

Community member David is looking for information whether DevForce 2012 is supported in ClientUI. Since Intersoft is a partner of Ideablade, of course our ClientUI will fully support DevForce 2012. Read the complete conversation.


ASP.NET Online Samples

Experience our new and updated samples for HTML5.


Silverlight Online Samples

Browse hundreds of business-inspiring reference samples.

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