DevExpress Newsletter: DXTREME Mobile 13.1 (영문)
2013/05/02 (10:12)
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DevExpress Update
DXTREME Mobile 13.1 is Now Available
It's a Mobile World
Today, we are thrilled to deliver the latest release of our new DXTREME Mobile Framework, v13.1. With this release we also fulfill the promise of the DevExpress Extreme Offer by delivering existing DXTREME customers one version for free. Download your 30 day free trial today.
Experience DXTREME Mobile
Create multi-channel apps to meet the needs of your ever changing enterprise & the BYOD world. Use the power of HTML, CSS3 & JavaScript to deliver line of business solutions that look, feel & behave just like native apps, without learning multiple languages or frameworks.
Live Q&A with the Team
Register for a webinar with the DevExpress JavaScript Mobile Framework team & learn more about the new capabilities in DXTREME Mobile. Get everything you need to create compelling, easy-to-use, HTML JavaScript apps for mobile devices. The framework offers 30+ touch-optimized, native UI widgets for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
Windows 8 (XAML) Toolset
You asked for it and we heard you! Now available as a standalone platform is our Windows 8 (XAML) toolset. And for a limited time you can subscribe for just $499. Download the Universal Trial to experience the Windows 8 tools for yourself.
Live, On-Site Training!
Master DevExpress products with classroom instruction
Training: Oliver Sturm
Join Us on the Road!
Learn to design & build modern web apps in ASP.NET
Join Us on the Road!
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