New Spread 7 Release - WinForms, ASP.NET, HTML5, WinRT, WPF, Silverlight (영문)
2013/04/26 (17:01)
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20 Year Anniversary and Biggest Spread
Release in History

We are excited to celebrate 2013 with new major version releases of Spread 7 for WinForms and Spread 7 for ASP.NET*. This new v7 release debuts big feature enhancements for filtering, conditional formatting, performance increases, and much more.

Plus, we have created a Spread bundle product, Spread Studio for .NET that now includes all the .NET Spread products for one great price!

Spread Studio for .NET includes:
 Spread for WinForms
 Spread for ASP.NET
 Spread WPF-Silverlight
 Spread WinRT

Read more about the new features in Product Manager Sean's Blog.


Looking for an HTML5 spreadsheet?
Then check out the new SpreadJS HTML5 spreadsheet demo, now available in Wijmo Enterprise 2013!

Discover and choose the Spread product that is right for you.

Download Spread

* Existing Spread.NET 6 users: please note that the Spread 7 for WinForms and Spread 7 for ASP.NET products replace the previous Spread.NET 6. Have questions? Contact us!


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