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2013/03/20 (14:25)
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telerikTelerik Monthly Newsletter
March 2013

Updates from the World of HTML5

Todd Anglin 
Todd Anglin,
EVP Cross Platform
Tools & Services

The winter snow is melting (I'm told...not much snow here in Texas), and that means it's time for more great spring releases from Telerik! Hot on the heals of the huge Q1 2013 DevCraft release in February, both Icenium and Kendo UI are delivering some major updates this month that you do not want to miss if you're even remotely interested in HTML5 or hybrid mobile development.

In fact, the next major Kendo UI release is happening tomorrow, and there's still time for you to join us for the live release keynote at 11:00 AM EDT! We'll be showing off all of the latest and greatest in Kendo UI, including fresh Windows Phone 8 support in Kendo UI Mobile, additions like TypeScript definitions, new sparkline and bullet chart visualizations, and much more. Register for the keynote now and join us tomorrow to watch and then download the spring 2013 Kendo UI release bits! Our most loyal fans joining the keynote live will be entered into the raffle for some hot hardware, such as a MacBook Air, Nexus 10 tablets and more.

Meanwhile, Icenium is shipping its latest round of updates today! If you've not taken a minute to see how simple cross-platform hybrid mobile development can be with Icenium, do it today! You'll be amazed at what you can do in five minutes with Kendo UI Mobile and Icenium. If you're not, email me!

Enjoy the new releases and I'll see you tomorrow at the Kendo UI keynote.

HTML5: 10 Provocative Predictions for the Future
HTML5: 10 Provocative Predictions for the Future For HTML5 developers and decision makers, the most important technologies right now are HTML, JavaScript, CSS, mobile platforms and devices and evolving HTML platforms (browsers and operating systems). But what does that mean in the real world? Todd Anglin, EVP Platform Tools & Services at Telerik, tells us.

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How to Leverage the .NET 4.5 Model Binding
How to Leverage the .NET 4.5 Model Binding Model Binding and strongly typed controls are features of the .NET 4.5 framework which can make your life a lot easier. Take a look at part one of our blog post to learn how to do databinding, as well as how to select, page and sort data the "old" and "new" 4.5 way with RadGrid. Part two of the blog post will show you how to implement filtering, CRUD operations and validation.

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Top 5 TDD Mistakes
Top 5 TDD MistakesWell-known TDD expert Bradley Braithwaite, shares with Telerik the top 5 test driven development mistakes. Drawing on his 20+ years of client experience, Bradley shares the most common TDD mistakes and how to avert them. A must-read for anyone working in the TDD space.

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Digging into the Telerik Reporting Graph
Digging into the Telerik Reporting Graph Item Create amazing OLAP charts quicker than ever before. But how? Let's dig into the Telerik Reporting Graph item, its integral parts and powerful features which allow you to offer users amazing visualizations.

Graph structure

Connect to data
10 Ways JustCode Improves VS
10 Ways JustCode Improves VS Our favorite JustCode features line up. See powerful refactorings, handy code templates, cloud sync and code analysis in action! Learn how JustCode improves Visual Studio with 10 features developers can't live without.

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FOXit Saves 100+ Man Hours with Telerik
FOXit Saves 100+ Man Hours with Telerik FOXit is a Microsoft Partner delivering PPM solutions. FOXit wanted to create a mobile interface that would make development more seamless. The company utilized Telerik's RadControls for Windows Phone and Kendo UI for the development of the mobile app - METROit. Telerik tools mapped to Microsoft standards, ensuring ease-of-use with minimal training and the platform specific theming limited the need to recreate themes, saving 100+ man hours.

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Top Testing Pain Points: Dealing With Time Constraints
Top Testing Pain Points: Dealing With Time Constraints Dealing with time constraints is one of the top five pain points our customers listed when getting started with test automation. Jim Holmes has several wise recommendations to guide you through the process. Know why you are testing, automate only high value tests, and continually re-assess your automation suite's effectiveness are only a few of them.

Deal with time constraints effectively
Responsive Design Infographic
Responsive Design Infographic Wonder why Responsive Design is the only mobile strategy that scales to address all devices? Check out our infographic, contrasting the three available mobile strategies and explaining why Responsive Design is the most scalable choice. Plus more: the infographic is itself "responsive." Give it a try!

Try and share
Your Mobile App: Bug Tested, User Approved
Your Mobile App: Bug Tested, User Approved Ready to wow your app users? Open up for their feedback! Easily gather real-time comments, bugs, and crash reports from your Beta testers. Record and playback advanced reliable automated tests of your mobile apps and websites. Keep your whole team up to speed by syncing tests, results and feedback among teammates and across devices.

Test your mobile app
Icenium v1.3 is Live!
The latest Icenium update has been released today. It features Apache Cordova 2.4 support and the community's most requested plugin: the Phonegap PushPlugin! Both your iOS and Android apps can now receive push notifications. Also, many performance and usability improvements have been implimented based directly from your feedback.
See what's new in Icenium v1.3
Sitefinity 6.0 Previews
With version 6.0 planned for April, Sitefinity will offer the full spectrum of mobile options directly through our CMS. From Mobile Apps and Mobile Websites to Responsive Design, Sitefinity will seamlessly integrate mobile into the content management experience. With the new release, Sitefinity will also provide full connectivity to SharePoint.
Review the roadmap and previews
Revolutionize Software Testing
Telerik's software testing tool is to become the first in the industry to introduce cross-browser test recording for all major browsers: Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox with the first official Test Studio release in 2013 later this spring.
Get the inside scoop
Manage TFS Projects with TeamPulse
Are you part of a team working with TFS? We can give you 5 reasons to manage your TFS projects with TeamPulse. You will be able to capture feedback, track progress, do agile, better visualize work or even starting working before having a TFS project.
Learn more
DevCraft.NET UI Controls
Test StudioSoftware Testing
Test Studio
IceniumMobile Development
SitefinityWeb Content Management
Kendo UIHTML5/JavaScript Widgets
Kendo UI
TeamPulseProject Management

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