UltraEdit v19 released. Never stop improving! (영문)
2013/03/13 (10:00)
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Announcing UltraEdit v19.00... Never stop improving!

You'll love the changes we've made.




UltraEdit v19.00

Get v19.00 now! Just go to
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It's here: UltraEdit v19.00!

...And it's not just new features! We've spent several months under the hood, improving speed and performance in many crucial areas. You'll find v19.00 loads files much faster and renders Find in Files results in a fraction of the time of previous versions. You'll also notice that switching between file tabs is much more nimble, that undo operations in large files is much quicker, and that searching with Perl regex is up to and over 80% faster in some cases!

Check out what else is new below...


 What's new in UltraEdit v19.00?


UltraEdit v19.00

Performance gains

File opening, file tab switching, and undo are all tremendously faster in v19.00. Performance boosts have been implemented for Perl regex searches with Find, Replace, and Find/Replace in Files.


UltraEdit v19.00

Perl regex overhaul

We've completely overhauled the Perl regex engine in v19.00 to make regex-based Find and Replace more accurate, more robust, and more complete in functionality - in addition to faster search times!


"I applaud the new speed with which a project loads, particularly when it consists of many files."


UltraEdit v19.00

Copy/paste highlighting

Copy your syntax-highlighted source as RTF (rich text format) for use in rich text editors like MS Word. Or, copy highlighting as HTML markup, then paste into an HTML file or web editor to display in a browser!


UltraEdit v19.00

Shebang (#!) detection

In files with no extension, UltraEdit now detects source language based via the shebang line for highlighting of Perl, PHP, and Python files. XML files with an XML declaration are also detected!


"Congratulations! You did it! More than that, you implemented the color selection via class-definition instead of direct styles - well done!"


UltraEdit v19.00

Drag-n-drop new instance

UltraEdit supports moving files between multiple instances by dragging and dropping the file tabs, or moving an open file to a new instance by dragging its file tab out of the application!


UltraEdit v19.00

Interactive status bar

UltraEdit v19.00's new interactive status bar allows you to change the active file's encoding for viewing, its highlighting type, read-only status, and a whole lot more - all with the click of a button!


"LOVE the syntax selector – especially when I'm coding JSPs which have Java and XML mixed."


 Upgrade to v19.00


UltraEdit v19.00




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 Featured power tips


Ben Schwenk

Featured Power Tips: Get the most out of UltraEdit v19

If you've ever written in to IDM support with a question on how to achieve a particular task or overcome a problem, you may have received a response which included a link to a power tip. I love to give our users power tips, because power tips empower you to get the most out of your software - hence the name "power tip"! I encourage you to check out the power tips below to get the most out of your upgrade to v19 and take your editing to the next level! And if you have any questions, remember... help is just an email away!


Copy Highlighting as HTML/RTF

With UltraEdit, you can add beauty and visual order to your sample code by pasting it with its syntax highlighting as RTF or HTML source... Read more

Using the Status Bar

Did you know that the status bar in UltraEdit provides a wealth of information in a convenient, unobtrusive way? The status bar displays... Read more


Perl Regex: Getting Started

Perl regular expressions are one of the most powerful components of Find/Replace. With Perl regex, you can reformat large... Read more

Perl Regex: Digging Deeper

If you're looking to expand your knowledge and harness the power of this popular and robust regular expression engine, take a deeper dive... Read more


Perl Regex: Non-greedy regex

Have you ever built a complex Perl-style regular expression, only to find that it matches much more data than you anticipated? If you've... Read more

Perl Regex: Backreferences

One of the most useful features of Perl regexes is the backreference, which allows you to recall and use data from your Find regex... Read more


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