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2013/03/13 (09:55)
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Newsletter - March, 2013 - Centralize it, Secure it, Simplify IT!

Top 5 Reasons To Upgrade From RDM Standard To Enterprise

We thought it would be helpful to highlight the main differences between our free Standard edition of RDM and the fee-based Enterprise edition. So here are the top 5 reasons why our users upgrade from RDM Standard to RDM Enterprise.
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Update On The RDM Cross-Platform Implementation Project

As you may know, we are currently working on a cross-platform implementation of RDM. We asked an update to our software architect, Richard Markiewicz, to share some of experiences and thoughts about this exciting project.
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Follow-up Windows IT Pro

A few weeks ago, we’ve received a very positive review of RDM from Russell Smith, a renowned IT expert who writes for Windows IT Pro. In his objective and fair review, Russell pointed out two areas that he thought could be improved: Documentation could be better and The UI might be too “cluttered” for some people. We agree, and we brought new solutions.
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February Poll Results

Early in February, we asked our valued community why some RDMers still use version 6 or 7. The response we received from those who’ve stuck with RDM 6 or 7, is that they don’t like the new “ribbon-style” UI in RDM 8. Good news, you can upgrade to RDM 8.0 and enjoy all of the cool new features, but still keep the classicUI that you like in RDM 6 and 7!
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Edit Hosts File


IT technicians, as well as web developers, often need to edit the Windows hosts file. This requires starting your favorite editor using elevated privileges (obviously only if UAC is active), browsing for the hosts file which is deep in the windows folder and enclosed in a hidden folder on top of that. What better tool then one that you use every day, which is already running in the notification area, to implement a solution with.
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What’s the BEST Social Media Platform For IT Pros?

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PowerShell Repository
Too many opened tab error
MySQL Workbench
Atelier Web Remote Commander Pro

RDMS 2.0

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