Intersoft Solutions Newsletter - February 2013 (영문)
2013/03/04 (11:45)
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February 2013 Editorial

2013 Product Survey, Expanded UI Design Services, Products Enhancements and more.

We're excited to expand our professional services to provide you with interface design consultation to help reduce your development cost while achieving your business goals successfully and efficiently. In addition to design service, our range of professional services include software consulting, custom development, project outsourcing and training. Learn more and browse our customer success stories here.

The arrival of Windows 8 adds more choices to the platform stack that mobile developers should consider. So my question is, do you plan to build Windows 8 apps, or perhaps you already built one? As we're planning our roadmap ahead, we'd love to hear from you – which platforms will you build your next apps on, the challenges you're facing, and what tools you need to get your jobs done right. Join our 2013 product survey and place your vote so we can align our next product roadmap to your development needs.

Since our major R2 release earlier this year, we've been focusing on product enhancements and new features as part of your feedback. With the user-driven product development style, we're continuously shaping our products to meet the most demanding business requirements and application scenarios. That said, you can now download this month's hotfix which includes numerous long-awaited new features across ASP.NET, Silverlight and WPF tools. Also, if you've submitted feature requests that you feel should be voted up or have some cool ones in your mind, I'll always be here listening you.

Martin Lie, Customer Relation Executive



2013 Product Survey

Please take a few minutes to participate in our survey about our products and service.
Participate now.

New Blog Post

This blog post will show how to store the uploaded files using our WebFileUploader.
Read more.

Case Study: Navcore Nextology

See how our design experts deliver beautiful solution for the new e-Smart travel management system.
Learn more.

WebUI Studio 2012 R2 is here

The latest release features powerful charting suite, innovative navigation controls, and the best-in-class data controls.
Learn more.

KB: Search Value using KeyDown event on WebGrid

This article shows you how to search the value of WebGrid using OnKeyDown event and describes how to implement Listbox's selecting behavior by using key stroke into WebGrid. Learn more.

KB: Delete Multiple Rows from Client-side

WebGrid has a feature that allows user to do selection for multiple rows. Some users might want to delete the selected rows from client side in one time. This article describes how to delete multiple selection rows from client side. Learn more.


We have packed several hotfixes to update and enhance the products stability. In Silverlight and WPF controls, UXGridView takes many enhancements such as reject changes now works fine if new row is positioned at bottom. UXDateTimePicker now supports empty value using FooterVisibility, and UXMenu for WPF renders the pop up identically like rendering in Silverlight. For ASP.NET controls, Client binding in WebGrid is now working properly without javascript error. WebDialogBox's header is now rendered properly when created in client-side. Visit Support Center to see the complete version history.


Community Center

Utilize localization in UXGridView

Member Su Su is looking for a sample to utilize localization in UXGridView to Chinese language. It can be implemented using ClientUI Localization Manager as part of the ClientUI Framework. Check out the complete code in the thread.

Add UXRibbonTabGroup using RibbonFactory

Community member David is experimenting with ClientUI Ribbon Application and questioning on how to add UXRibbonTabGroup using RibbonFactory and customize its localization. Our technical support, Yudi has provided a good solution on this scenario. Check out the complete code with sample.


ASP.NET Online Samples

Experience our new and updated samples for HTML5.


Silverlight Online Samples

Browse hundreds of business-inspiring reference samples.

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