ATLAS.ti Newsletter 2013/1 (영문)
2013/02/22 (14:56)
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INSIDE ATLAS.ti - The QDA Newsletter

Welcome to the first issue of INSIDE ATLAS.ti this year.

We would like to start this year with an invitation: This September 12-14, join us in Berlin and take part in the first ATLAS.ti User Conference: Fostering Dialog on Qualitative Methods.

What initially began as a Train-the-Trainers workshop has now grown into plans for a full-blown conference. We are very excited about this great opportunity to meet researchers from all over the world and from a variety of fields—after all, there is virtually no academic discipline in which ATLAS.ti is not put to productive use.

In this issue, you'll find the Call for Papers and some preliminary information about the conference. We are planning sections on teaching qualitative methods, using ATLAS.ti in the context of various methodologies (ethnography, discourse analysis, phenomenology, grounded theory, etc.), and on the use of ATLAS.ti in actual research projects. We are also soliciting topic ideas for round tables. Your input and your proposals will be highly appreciated and will be crucial to making this event a success. We hope to hear from you, and we hope to see you in Berlin later this year!

Topics in this issue:

    Upgrade to ATLAS.ti 7

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