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2013/02/14 (09:22)
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Absoft Customer Newsletter for February 2013

Dear Absoft Customer,

Products, Promotions and Technical Information for Absoft customers. Keep your tools and Fortran knowledge up to date. This month we look at:

Absoft IDE 2013

Absoft Exclusive Product Bundle Benefits

New HMPP Products for GPU Code Development

Absoft IDE / Environment - Pro Fortran 2013

If you have not tried the latest version of the Absoft IDE, you should. Customers regularly send us feedback and we appreciate it - Pro and con. Over the years this feedback has helped us evolve the IDE into a very strong product as well as include features unavailable from any other vendor.

The most popular benefits include: '…designed for Fortran and easier to use than Visual Studio or Xcode…', '…FREE SMP analysis, visualization tools and math libraries'…, '…same look and feel on Windows, Mac OS and Linux…'. Better license models and support also rank highly. One of our recent customers sums up his experience:

"I used Pro Fortran to write, debug, test and apply about 45,000 lines of code from the MS environment and it
is, in a word: Terrific. It is fast, has good diagnostics, builds great executable code and has a load of extra features that are invaluable. Beyond that, your support has been timely, helpful and detailed.

D.J. Chadwick, President, SAFE, Inc.

If you have not tried Pro Fortran 2013, it is worth your time. FREE trial versions are available.

If you have helpful ideas for future products, send them to sales@absoft.com

Exclusive Absoft Bundle Benefits for Fortran Developers

Pro Fortran is not only a great product, it also includes features unavailable elsewhere.

  • GINO GUI Lite ($395 value) bundled FREE with Pro Fortran for Windows, exclusively from Absoft
  • Absoft is the only Fortran vendor offering IMSL numerical libraries for Mac OS
  • Absoft is the only Fortran vendor offering IMSL+Pro Fortran bundles for Linux
  • Absoft is the only Fortran vendor to provide FREE live technical phone support at no additional charge
  • MaxFlex multi-platform licenses save money and are an Absoft exclusive product

Additional details for each platform are available at the Absoft website.

NEW - HMPP GPU Development Tools for Windows and Linux!

HMPP, developed by CAPS, is a software tool that simplifies building portable, GPU enabled Fortran applications. HMPP makes building Fortran/GPU code easy: 1) Insert industry standard OpenACC directives (similar to OpenMP directives) into your source code to identify GPU segments 2) Press 'compile' and everything is handled transparently 3) The resultant code will run in accelerated mode when a GPU is present or in standard manner if it is not.

Internal HMPP benchmark comparisons have demonstrated code acceleration of 13x on test programs with HMPP! And remember, because HMPP uses industry standard coding models, this code is portable to other systems with other HMPP compatible compilers!

The new HMPP product line-up includes 3 different tools sets. All new tools are fully compatible with Absoft Pro Fortran 2013 and include a 12 month maintenance program at no additional cost. HMPP can also support C/C++.

Full Edition - HMPP, Fortran AND C/C++, CUDA AND OpenCL, floating or node-locked licenses. 12 months Gold level support. Perpetual license. Commercial and academic pricing. No runtime fees.

Medium Edition - HMPP, Fortran OR C/C++, CUDA OR OpenCL, single user node locked license. 12 months Silver support. Perpetual license. No runtime fees.

Starter Edition - OpenACC compiler, Fortran OR C/C++, CUDA OR OpenCL, single user node locked license. 12 months Bronze support. Perpetual license. No runtime fees.

More information on HMPP

If you have specific questions regarding GPU development, please email sales@absoft.com

Absoft remains committed to continuing the advancement of evolving state-of-the-art software development tools. Better performance, ease of use, and better support - That's Absoft.

We thank you for your support.

The Absoft Sales Team.

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