Enterprise Architect 10 Released (영문)
2012/12/20 (17:21)
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Sparx Systems Releases Enterprise Architect 10

Enterprise Architect 10

Sparx Systems is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of Version 10 of Enterprise Architect.

Version 10 is a significant milestone with hundreds of enhancements, new features, refinements and capabilities all designed to extend the modeling power, ease of use and standards compliance Enterprise Architect has championed over the last decade.

Enterprise Architect 10 comes equipped with powerful new tools like user interface simulation, impact analysis tools, improved model documentation and enhanced project management. New technologies include SysML 1.3, GML, RTF sub-templates and Profile creation helpers for extending UML and much more. For a full list of changes and updates please see our website.

We encourage you to take a look at the release and discover for yourself how Enterprise Architect 10 will revitalize and empower your models, designs, software, systems and business processes.

Enterprise Architect 10:www.sparxsystems.com/products/ea/10/index.html
Registered User Download:www.sparxsystems.com/registered/reg_ea_down.html
Trial Download:www.sparxsystems.com/products/ea/trial.html

Highlights of the Release:

User Interface: Designed to improve productivity

The user interface has undergone significant enhancements that help improve productivity and workflow.

  • All new diagram search box
  • Ability to focus attention on the current element and its related elements using the Diagram Context Filter
  • New Visual styles including Visual Studio 2012 look and feel
  • More...


Diagramming: New rapid diagramming tools and techniques

Improved impact analysis capabilities with enhancements to insert related elements. Element handling improved with customizable selection handles.

  • Finer control over the Insert Related Elements dialog
  • Many improvements to the drawing of elements, including selection and manipulation
  • Significant improvements to the rendering of elements when Printing
  • Keyboard accelerated diagramming
  • Significant improvements and enhancements to the rendering and population of element Compartments
  • All new Structured Compartments and Internal Block Diagram support enhance the ability to model interfaces and internal behavior and relationships
  • Textual Overlays for the Relationship Matrix
  • More...


Modeling Tools and Technology: Domain specific technology enhancements

Enterprise Architect's support for domain specific modeling improved with the addition of GML and improvements to ArcGIS and SysML technologies.

  • Geography Markup Language (GML)
  • ArcGIS
  • SysML 1.3
  • Improvements and updates to BPMN
  • More...


Simulation: Visualize complex interactions

Model and simulate Win 32 User Interfaces, enhance system interaction and usability.

  • Simulate Win 32 User Interfaces
  • Model UI controls to integrate with your simulations
  • More...


Execution Analysis & Profiling: Understand your code

Improvements to code engineering technologies including debug and visualization of Java applications, new transforms and new grammar editor.

  • Support for Profiling of Java, .Net and mixed .Net/Native applications
  • Debugging support for Enterprise Architect internal Javascript, JScript and VBScript
  • Local and remote Debugging for the JDWP protocol
  • New support for building Class diagrams from Execution Analyzer recordings
  • Ability to batch generate Sequence diagrams, Class diagrams and Test Point diagrams from a single recording
  • Improved recording capabilities and support for setting nested recording markers
  • New Grammar editor
  • Model Transformations
  • More...


Project Management: Easily manage and control resources

Track, assign and manage project resources from a personal, project or enterprise view with new enhancements to project management and the Gantt view.

  • Gantt View navigation improvements
  • Column filters
  • Element level scripting in Gantt View
  • More...


Reporting and Document Generation: Detailed, customized, quality reports

Powerful new features such as Document Fragments support building highly customizable and detailed professional Rich-Text reports.

  • SQL and Script populated reports
  • Re-usable Document Fragments
  • Modular reporting
  • More...


Also in this release

  • Enhanced Testpoint Management
  • Model Script groups
  • Debugging Model Scripts
  • Support for Windows 8
  • New Import/Export formats
  • Security Enhancements
  • Click here for more details

Full release notes available from:

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