Passware Kit Forensic 12.1 Released (영문)
2012/12/13 (11:51)
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Wednesday, December 12, 2012



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  • Hardware accelerated password recovery for MS Office v.2013 files
  • GPU acceleration added for PGP password recovery
  • Instant decryption of QuickBooks v.2013 databases
  • Instant decryption of FileMaker v.12 databases
  • Password recovery for Adobe Acrobat X, XI documents
  • Password recovery for RAR v.4 archives
  • Password recovery for Mac OS 10.8 users
  • Instant recovery of Windows user passwords from UPEK
Learn more about Passware Kit Forensic 12.1.


New: Hardware accelerated password recovery for MS Office v.2013 files
Passware Kit 12.1 now recovers passwords for files from the newly released MS Office 2013 (aka MS Office 15), including Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Powerpoint presentations, Outlook email accounts and PST files, OneNote files, as well as VBA projects.

To make the password recovery process faster, Passware Kit uses hardware acceleration, which involves efficient usage of multiple CPUs, GPU graphic cards, and distributed computing. With a single NVIDIA GPU card, the software achieves a record speed of 700 passwords/sec, which is currently the fastest password-cracking solution available.

Passware Kit 12.1 also supports a live memory analysis method to decrypt MS Office 2013 files instantly. This means that if a document was open when the target computer hibernated or the user logged off, Passware Kit 12.1 can decrypt it in minutes by acquiring the memory image of the target computer and extracting the encryption keys from it.


New: GPU acceleration added for PGP password recovery
Password recovery for PGP archives can now be accelerated with GPU cards. The process is 25 times faster with just a single NVIDIA card and can be further accelerated with Distributed Password Recovery.


Learn more about hardware acceleration.

New: Password recovery and decryption for QuickBooks v.2013, FileMaker v.12, Adobe Acrobat v.X - XI, RAR v.4
Passware Kit now instantly decrypts databases from QuickBooks v.2013 and FileMaker v.12. The program also recovers passwords for Adobe Acrobat v.X - XI PDF files, as well as RAR v.4 archives. Password recovery for RAR archives can be accelerated with NVIDIA and ATI GPU cards, Guidance Tableau TACC and distributed computing.

New: Password recovery for Mac OS 10.8 users
Passware Kit instantly recovers Mac user passwords from Mac hashes (PLIST files). The new version also supports files from Mac OS 10.8.

New: Instant recovery of Windows user passwords from UPEK
Passware Kit 12.1 instantly recovers Windows user passwords from UPEK (a fingerprint scanner) databases. The software automatically detects a UPEK database when analyzing registry files from a standalone system and immediately extracts user login names and passwords.




Passware, in cooperation with Sumuri, is giving a series of live and online training and certification classes designed to give students the knowledge and skills in handling encrypted electronic evidence. The next online training is in January 2013 and will last for three days. Sign up now and get 30% off Passware Kit Forensic Subscription Renewal.



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