DevExpress Update: Universal 12.2 Is Here! (영문)
2012/12/05 (11:32)
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DevExpress Update

Now Available: DevExpress 12.2. Wow.


When Only the Best Will Do. Period.

12.2 Universal is here! The technology landscape is quickly changing and the new application is the multi-channel application. Apps no longer live on just one computing platform. The boundaries have shifted and now your customers expect solutions to travel across devices. Join DevExpress CMO, Dave Mendlen, as he walks you through this exciting release!

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Visualize Your Data

Visualize Your Data

New pre-built and fully customizable Business Intelligence Dashboards for Windows and the Web.

Discover Win8 in DXTREME

Discover Win8 in DXTREME

Explore the Windows 8 XAML platform and start building your Windows Store ready Modern UI apps today.

Navigate with Touch

Reimagine Your UI

Explore our newest touch enabled controls and start building next-gen apps for tomorrow.

Resources: 12.2 Demos


Multi-Channel Travel App

Book travel, invite friends, share itineraries & more! DXTravel spans across devices & platforms.

Finance Tracker

Windows 8 Finance Tracker

See how simple it is to manage your money! The WinRT Finance Tracker takes the guesswork out of budgeting.


Multi-Channel E-Commerce

See an e-commerce purchase flow from desktop to iPad, iPhone & Win8! DXSK8 ties it all together.


Connections: Thanks for a Wonderful Year

Connections: Thanks for a Wonderful Year

As 2012 draws to a close, Sara had an opportunity to sit down with the team to talk about the year, our customers, what lies ahead in 2013 and more.


Explore 12.2: Register for Webinars!

Explore 12.2: Register for Webinars!

Build great looking reports with DXperience 12.2 reporting tools + create interactive multi-channel apps with DXTREME. Take a Tour of 12.2 from ASP.NET to CodeRush.

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