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2012/11/26 (10:16)
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Happy Thanksgiving with Extended Double Promo, R2 Release Sneak Preview, And New WebDesktop 4 Highlights
Martin Lie, Vice President of Marketing

In this time of gratitude, we'd like to give thanks to you for being our valued customers. We value your patronage and appreciate your continued support in us. We are thankful for the pleasure of serving you and meeting your development needs. On behalf of all of us at Intersoft Solutions, I wish you a lovely Thanksgiving and a joyous holiday season.
As a way to say thank you, we'd love to share our happiness by extending our amazing double promo until 30th November 2012. Take a chance to buy or renew your WebUI Studio subscription license at 20% discounted rate and bring your lucky charm to win up to $200 amazon voucher. Click here for more information.
Get ready for the 2012 R2 release as we're making final touch on our upcoming products. We're going to release a number of amazing new products including the industry's best charting, an innovative query builder, and several beautiful Metro themes just to name a few, which makes this release a very important milestone for us and our customers. Find out more below.
And please welcome the new WebDesktop, now with full HTML5 and CSS3 support. All WebDesktop members have been completely rebuilt to support the latest web standards. Now, you can enjoy integrating WebDesktop in your next-generation web apps, starting from using WebDesktopManager, WebToolbar, WebExplorerPane, WebNavPane and so much more.
As always, if you have any feedback, please feel free to email me at

Extended Special Double Offer – Get Your Prize Today

During this festive season, we're happy to extend our special double offer until the end of this month. Purchase any of the WebUI Studio subscription with an instant 20% discount; Take the chance to win great prizes such as Premier subscriptions and Amazon vouchers valued up to $200 in cash.
Act today! Click here to find out more about this amazing offer and contact our sales team for any questions or inquiries.

WebUI Studio 2012 R2 Sneak Preview

The upcoming R2 release will deliver numerous new exciting controls that we've been developing since earlier this year. It will include Intersoft's own charting data visualization suite which will target a broad range of platforms, an innovative query builder, Windows 8 style breadcrumb navigation, new WebDesktop controls with HTML5 support, several cool Metro themes, and hundreds of enhancements.
Intersoft charting delivers everything to create a gorgeous charting for business application with over 20+ chart types and dozen of innovative features, such as zoom, pan, highlight, select, and drill down. Intersoft chart lets you easily zoom, pan and select the chart area to take a closer look on the figure. Furthermore, it also employs the most advanced rendering technique to produce crystal clear results with no more blurry lines. It gives you freedom to choose your own color schemes, starting from vivid colors, natural colors and metro colors.
Introducing Query builder, an advanced data filtering control that allows users to visually build complex queries/filters. It is designed to allow user to interact with complex nested conditions through an intuitive, modern user interface. It's also packed with numerous built-in subtle animations to deliver smooth user experiences. One of the strongest points is that this control can be fully integrated with all ClientUI data controls that are built upon QueryDescriptor framework. It has the capability to support Entity Framework's navigation properties out of the box, means that whenever the Query Builder finds navigation properties in your object, it will list them to the available properties which users can use as the filter condition without extra efforts at developer's end.
We're also proud to come up with very exciting and fresh design themes that comply with Microsoft Windows 8 Modern UI. The entire design is connected to a set of accent colors that you can personalize. With the brand-new theme manager, the templates are designed from the bottom up in order to achieve a kind of design that looks great in both light and dark theme, on the top of the customizable color theme.

New WebDesktop 4 Highlights

WebDesktop is the next generation in advanced UI controls designed to help you build professional web applications easily and quickly. WebDesktop includes everything you need to develop advanced ASP.NET applications which have the appearance and behavior of desktop applications and desktop itself. You can create advanced windowing system similar to Windows or MacOS, and WebDesktop also offers the capability to display styling similar to Office and even the new Windows Modern themes.
In the 4th generation, WebDesktop has been refined and revamped to fully support the latest web standards. This allows you to use many of the advanced WebDesktop features in your next-generation web applications and at the same time leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3. All WebDesktop members have been completely enhanced from their structures and behaviors to work aligned with the latest HTML5 and CSS3, such as WebPaneManager with consistent results and pixel perfect rendering across all modern browsers that support HTML5, WebTab with round corner tab item using border-radius that fully supports HTML5 and many others.

Community Corner

Changing Event background color in WebScheduler
Member Frank Gary is willing to use Category's color as the Event color bar in WebScheduler control. Although this scenario can be well-implemented but it is basically not recommended because user can only define one background color while an event is capable to have more than one category. With some codes and workaround, it may give user an insight on how to manipulate information related to event. Check out the complete thread with samples.
Access WebPaneManager Objects and API
Community member Javier is questioning on how to access objects and functions through javascript between two panels. In this thread, there's a sample that you can directly download to see how we can implement this scenario. The sample simply shows that when user clicks a button in Pane 1, it will change the value of TextBox in Pane 2 and vice versa. Check out the complete thread with sample.
Be sure to download a working free trial of WebUI Studio for 30 days if you aren't already using our award-winning .NET toolset.
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