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2012/11/16 (17:15)
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Expand your solution... we have!

UltraFinder for Windows now available!

The ultimate file and content finder!

Introducing a brand new product from IDM! UltraFinder is your personal search engine for your PC, network, and remote servers! Find every file, every word, every string, every duplicate and everything else you need in seconds...on your hard drive, shared network volumes, backup and removable drives, or FTP/SFTP servers!

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 UltraFinder is for you if...

*You have files scattered all over your desktop and folders
*You have no idea what files are in what folders anymore
*You often lose precious minutes or even hours trying to find a file
*You know your PC is full of unwanted duplicates but can't find them
*You frequently search source code branches for text or file names
   Limited introductory offer!  
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UltraFinder includes two advanced modes: Find Files and Find Duplicates.

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UltraFinder's Find Files mode will quickly find whatever you're looking for - wherever it is. You don't need to know the complete file name to find the file you need. UltraFinder gives you the power to find files based on a full or partial name match, or based on file contents. Furthermore, UltraFinder supports finding of content with many advanced options for power users such as regular expressions, filters, encoding, and more.

But UltraFinder doesn't just search plain text files - UltraFinder parses your PDF and DOC/DOCX files when searching for your find string!

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If you know you're maintaining multiple copies of the same file, but you really don't want to spend time combing through duplicates, then let UltraFinder's advanced Find Duplicates mode do the work for you! Tell UltraFinder what criteria define a duplicate, and UltraFinder will tell you where they are. You can then delete, move, or rename the duplicate files and save the originals.

You're not just limited to local drives - UltraFinder supports FTP as well...

Do you want to do a Find in files on a remote FTP server? Or do you need to locate a file somewhere on your remote drives? It's possible with UltraFinder! UltraFinder supports both Find Files and Find Duplicates modes for FTP/SFTP. Even better - you can enable the shared FTP accounts feature to access the same FTP accounts that you use in UltraEdit and UltraCompare!

...Plus full integration with UltraEdit/UEStudio, UltraCompare, and UltraSentry!

UltraFinder integrates with other IDM products and is an essential part of IDM's total file management solution! Inter-product functionality includes:

   • Open found file(s) in UltraEdit / UEStudio
   • Open list of results in UltraEdit / UEStudio
   • Compare find results or duplicates in UltraCompare
   • Securely delete file(s) or duplicates in UltraSentry '13

   What our beta testers are saying about UltraFinder...  
"In a directory that has over 700 files that are at minimum 8GB in size, it searched the entire listing of files and completed total search in 772.30 seconds! I am very impressed. I definitely want this product!"


"I think this tool is great and serves a great need to find files."
UltraFinder: Learn more | Download | Buy now (20% off limited introductory offer expires Dec 1, 2012)

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