Remote Desktop Manager - Newsletter - November, 2012 (영문)
2012/11/09 (16:40)
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Newsletter - NOVEMBER, 2012

Introducing Password Vault Manager Enterprise 4.0

PVM Enterprise 4.0 has a completely new Office-like UI, and features an enhanced user experience that makes it even easier and more efficient than ever before. Essentially, we’ve taken everything that we know about our flagship software, RDM Enterprise, and packed it in the new PVM Enterprise.

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RDM 8.0’s New UI + a Trip Down Memory Lane

Inspired by MS-Office suite and from the many suggestions, comments and ideas we’ve received from our amazing community of IT pros, the new RDM interface has been designed to increase productivity and save you even more time.

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FreeRDP Partnership

We’ve just concluded a new partnership with Awake Coding Consulting, an open source software consulting company that is also the creator and leader of the renowned open-source project, FreeRDP.

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RDM Product Comparison Guide

Check out our new Remote Desktop Manager Product Comparison Guide. Get all the info you need with this simple and easy-to-use tool. You want to know which product is right for you?

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Tips & Tricks

Creating shortcuts in Remote Desktop Manager

The latest version of Remote Desktop Manager makes creating shortcuts easy, simple and quick! It works by saving the entry once in the database, while linking it to more than one group. You don’t have to lift a finger – everything is done for you, to save your time and simplify your life. Use it to explore a variety of possibilities in terms of structure and organization.

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What's coming!!!

Stay tuned for new announcement on cross-platform implementation of Remote Desktop Manager.

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