UE Mac/Linux v3.3 released. Now hiring - developers wanted! (영문)
2012/11/07 (15:56)
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UltraEdit for Mac/Linux v3.3 Released

Featuring horizontally and vertically split window



UltraEdit v3.3 is the fourth release of the v3.x series this year! Since the initial v3.0 release in February, each Mac/Linux update has featured serious enhancements and new functionality as well as significant maintenance installments. V3.3 is no different, boasting new split window functionality as the headline feature... and includes well over 50 improvements and fixes to boot!


UE Mac/Linux v3.3 screenshot


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What's new in UE Mac/Linux v3.3?




Split Window


Split active window horizontally or vertically


Resize windows by dragging splitter


Find/search improvements


Addressed regular expressions issues


Addressed search in column issues


Addressed positioning issues during find


Project improvements


Delete multiple files from project at once


Improved folder filtering


Improved support for relative paths


Scripting improvements


Added gotoPos() command


Scripts show in Scripting menu


Printing improvements


XML Manager improvements


Macro improvements


And more...


Mac or Linux users: Upgrade now!


Upgrade to v3.3 and renew your one year of free upgrades, which will include v4.0 next year!








...or upgrade to the UE/UC bundle!



Upgrade your existing UltraEdit for Mac or Linux license to v3.3 and save big when you add UltraCompare Professional!








Our upgrade policy: Since 1994, we've believed in over-delivering on the value of paid registration. As always, your paid registration includes free upgrades for one year following your purchase date.


  UltraFinder / UltraSentry Nearing Release


  Renee's Webb



UltraFinder / UltraSentry '13 update

We have been thrilled with the enormous amount of feedback from our UltraFinder and UltraSentry beta testers! Many of you have enthusiastically written in with some excellent ideas on how to make these two new applications even greater, and we are excited about what the future holds for both as we near release this month.

Stay tuned for the release announcement for UltraFinder and UltraSentry '13 soon...

Learn more about: UltraFinder  |  UltraSentry '13


Renee's Webb

Renee's Web Comic
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 Coming this month...





The UltraSuite

The only fully integrated solution of its kind...anywhere.

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 Now hiring at IDM!




Now hiring

Now hiring at IDM
Developer positions available

Are you a die-hard fan of IDM products? Are you a power user of UltraEdit? Do you like the way UltraEdit and UltraCompare work together to provide users the perfect dovetail of text editing bliss? We love all things text and are looking for talented and experienced C/C++ developers to join the IDM engineering team.
Learn more and apply


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