ComponentOne Tech Connection: October/November 2012 (영문)
2012/11/01 (13:44)
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ComponentOne Tech Connection

Windows 8 Controls

Get high performance WinRT controls for XAML and JavaScript development. Designed to enhance the rich UX of the Windows 8 platform, these controls give you powerful and unique functionality to help you build better and more compelling apps.

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ComponentOne Tech Connection

Words from the CTO

Bernardo Castilho Great Windows 8 Apps; Get Started
Bernardo Castilho, Chief Technology Officer

As I considered what I wanted to share with you in this issue of the TechConnection, many ideas came to mind. There is the upcoming BUILD conference, the Presidential race, and Windows 8. After weighing all the options, I felt Windows 8 would likely be what you'd be interested in hearing about from me. Most of us these days, either out of necessity or curiosity, have learned to program in more than one language.
So whether it's C-Sharp, VB, or JavaScript, you are at a crossroads as to which path you take to build the most compelling Windows Store apps. As with the Presidential election, there are debates and various points of view, but one thing that you can count on as you embark on your personal journey is that ComponentOne has the data visualization UI controls, such as layout and input, which you need to create your own "great app".

If you're just getting started with Windows 8 development, there are great resources available. I'd suggest looking at the 8 traits of great Windows Store apps video from Microsoft. Next, take a look and discover new ways to develop in Windows 8 by reading this issue's article below by product manager Greg Lutz.

 Featured Article

Studio for WinRT XAML Beta Release
Greg Lutz, Product Manager

Greg Lutz The ComponentOne XAML product family is proud to welcome their newest member, Studio for WinRT XAML. Designed to enhance the rich user experience of Windows 8, Studio for WinRT XAML gives you powerful and unique controls for building better Windows Store apps. The studio was available as CTP since mid-August, and it will be officially released as part of the 2012 v3 release of Studio Enterprise (in mid-November). We recently released the Beta update which introduces several new controls and enhancements.

We are also introducing activation and licensing (pre-sale) so you can get up and running with your apps today without delay. Learn more about the release; read the full article.

 What's New

Sneak Peek at Studio Enterprise 2012 v3

Coming mid-November, the 2012 v3 Studio Enterprise release is sure to please. Enhancements span the enterprise collection with new features added to the ASP.NET, Silverlight, WPF, and Windows Forms platforms. Here is a glimpse at what you can expect to see in the next release: WinRT Controls for XAML and JavaScript Development
New Windows 8 Control Suites:
  • Studio for WinRT XAML
  • Studio for WinJS (Beta)
Studios for Silverlight, WPF & Windows Phone
  • Chart selection and animation features
  • WPF Cosmopolitan theme
  • Two new specialized ListBox controls
  • Improved PdfViewer performance
Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo
  • Localization (Chinese)
Studio for WinForms
  • Localization (Chinese and Korean)
  • RTF support for C1Editor (load and save RTF)
  • Improved compatibility with Visual Studio 2012:
    • Updated templates for Ribbon control and form
    • Metro icons for all the controls
  • Improved Exporting to DOCX, RTF, HTML, and Excel from C1Reports

ActiveReports 7 Fixed Page Layout Video Series

In this four-part video series, watch how Fixed Page Layout (FPL) reports bring you unprecedented control over a report's layout. For example, design multiple pages with overflows and ActiveReports will fill out the pages as needed.
  • Part 1: Learn what FPL reports are.
  • Part 2: Learn how to create an FPL report.
  • Part 3: Create sophisticated layouts using the Overflow Placeholder.
  • Part 4: Theme your reports.

Silicon Valley Code Camp Highlights

Silicon Valley Code Camp Highlights from ComponentOne: Watch Now Silicon Valley Code Camp was a fantastic venue to showcase our bestselling Microsoft Visual Studio products, including our HTML5/jQuery and reporting controls! See the highlights of the event in this short video clip.

Free Your Content with Doc-To-Help

In this short video, we'll show you how Doc-To-Help improves efficiency and communication while reducing costs by helping you create, manage, and publish information anywhere your readers need it. 

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Top 7 Popular Ad Hoc Reporting Features

Free Webcast Did you know that ActiveReports Server is used by customers across diverse industries such as Technology, Healthcare, Finance, Banking, Energy and Consulting? Since our launch, we have released more than 60 enhancements in response to customer requests.
Join us as we review our most popular features in the context of:
  • ISVs and SaaS providers
  • IT organizations
  • Business users
We'll discuss best practices and what's next for ActiveReports Server.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012 1:00PM (ET) Register

Upcoming Webcasts: Free to Attend

 Introducing Doc-To-Help: This webcast lays out the essential features and technologies that Doc-To-Help uses to encompass every aspect of your software documentation project. Topics covered include customization and creation of the Table of Contents, Context IDs, and the Index, as well as an overview of how the software works, tips, tricks, and best practices.

October 31, 3:00PM (ET) Register
November 7, 3:00PM (ET) Register
November 28, 3:00PM (ET) Register

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DevConnections 2012 (Booth #302)
Las Vegas, NV | Bellagio | Oct 29 - Nov 1, 2012
Build 2012
Redmond, WA | Microsoft Campus | Oct 30 - Nov 2, 2012
Las Vegas, NV | MGM Grand | Dec 9-12, 2012
Esri Mid-Atlantic User Conference
Baltimore, MD | Hyatt Regency | Dec 11-12, 2012

Code Camps:
RDU Code Camp
Raleigh, NC | November 10, 2012

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Last Month's Survey Results

Last month, we asked what your development plans were for Windows 8. Here are the results:

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What's Inside

Words from the CTO

Great Windows 8 Apps; Get Started

Featured Article

Studio for WinRT XAML Beta Release

What's New

Sneak Peek at Studio Enterprise 2012 v3
ActiveReports 7 Fixed Page Layout Video Series

Silicon Valley Code Camp Highlights

Free Your Content with Doc-To-Help

Webcast Center

Top 7 Popular Ad Hoc Reporting Features
Upcoming Webcasts

Event Center

DevConnections 2012
Build 2012
Esri Mid-Atlantic User Conference

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What events do you plan to attend in 2013?

DevIntersection Conference

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