ATLAS.ti Newsletter 2012/2 (영문)
2012/10/26 (09:55)
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ATLAS.ti 7 is a new milestone in professional QDA technology. New visualization, multimedia, analysis tools, document management, multi-document views,reports, image handling, clouds, and much more. 

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Welcome to the latest issue of “INSIDE ATLAS.ti.”

More and more researchers are discovering the great new tools and features of ATLAS.ti 7 (available since last summer) and are switching over from older program versions or other products.

ATLAS.ti 7's powerful multimedia engine, the intuitive margin-area for all data types, and the convenient way of simultaneous working on multiple documents were designed to meet a long-existing need of researchers, and we are happy to hear that ATLAS.ti 7 and its new capabilities already play a vital role in a great many major research projects and contribute significantly to their success.

Yet, as you know, development at ATLAS.ti never stands still, and so our team is constantly hard at work to further improve and expand the possibilities--always guided by the user community's immediate needs. A case in point is the revamped transcript import engine: Users expressed an interest in being able to import projects directly from a popular transcription program, and we were glad to oblige by adding that capability. The “Best Practice” article in this issue explains how to work efficiently with imported transcripts from f4/f5 and Transana.

Other topics in this issue for you are:

  • Best Practice: Importing associated documents transcribed elsewhere. Read more.

  • New: Semester License for students. Read more.

  • Research with ATLAS.ti: Dissertation project on the role of women in Nazi Germany as portrayed by a major news magazine. Read more.

  • From the Development Team: New in the latest service packs. Read more.

  • Using Cloud Services with ATLAS.ti. Read more.

Keep on coding!

We hope you enjoy reading this new edition of INSIDE ATLAS.ti and invite you to send us your feedback:

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